Will I Serve at NYSC After Part-Time, Distance Learning or Sandwich Degree/HND?

Yet 30 Years Age is A Must For NYSC with DLC, Part-Time or Sandwich
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One of the very reasons several candidates are aspiring for full-time and regular degree programmes is because they want to serve at NYSC. At the end of their studies at a university or polytechnic, they want to take part in the National Service program. But as more programmes such as distance learning, part-time and sandwich are being run by universities, frustrated candidates are now falling back to that.

However, they’re still concerned about whether they will be able to partake in NYSC. Before now, of course, unless you did a full-time Bsc or HND course, you couldn’t serve.

The story has changed since JAMB was going into consensus with schools and NYSC on several modalities. JAMB has now instructed all polytechnics and universities running distance learning and part-time programme to enroll, as well, their candidates on the JAMB portal. This is will allow the body to capture all their data and when needed make it available to other bodies such as NYSC.

Schools are asking PT applicants to register with JAMB


You Can Serve at NYSC with a Distance Learning Programme

Visiting the JAMB profile, the body has opened a platform for part-time, distance-learning, and sandwich candidates to apply with the body.
JAMB links for DLC, Part-time, and sandwich

The purpose is to capture prospective graduates’ details in order to produce them for NYSC (if eligible) or for future references of any kind.

JAMB is the sole body in charge of admissions in Nigeria today. The body is now stepping up to be completely in charge. Hence, all schools must instruct candidates for non-regular courses to register with the body.

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Yet, 18 to 30 Years Age is Still the Acceptable Age For NYSC

It’s important to note that even though, with the new arrangement among NYSC, JAMB, and schools, prospective candidates for national service must be within the age bracket of 18 to 30. This is the official age recognized by NYSC for mobilization.

If you’re outside this age bracket, you may need to be on the lookout for an exemption certificate or exclusion letters instead.

All Distance Learning or Part-time Centres Guarantee NYSC

Even though I may not have all official writings from all universities providing DLC or ODL programs as to whether you will be able to serve after your course, this doesn’t mean there are some that won’t be able to produce candidates for NYSC. They all will do.

I support of this, we’ve got some official updates from a few schools. Some instructing their Part-time applicants to register with JAMB e.g Federal Poly Ede, The Polytechnic Ibadan, University of Ibadan DLC etc.

The purpose of this registration upfront is to let you have a JAMB registration number, which the school will use to mobilize you for admission in the future.


Prospective applicants for Distance Learning Programme, Part-time Courses, and Sandwich programs within the right age bracket should be on the lookout for NYSC mobilization. This is only achievable, however, if the candidates had applied with JAMB to have a personal JAMB registration number. The instructions of which should be given by the school management. Those outside the service age bracket may still be out of luck.

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