Will I Go for NYSC After College of Health Technology?

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If you read my recent post, you will notice that this is an incremental explanation on the same topic. I told you a short story of a lady who would prefer a college of health technology to a Nursing School if she wouldn’t go for NYSC?

Here is what I thought about the poor lady.

She must have been told by a brother, sister, teacher, or friend that, if she went for a school of the Nursing programme, she wouldn’t serve at NYSC.

This is because she talked frankly as if she knew everything about this. Hence, she was confident that if I should tell her the same, College of Nursing is a no-go place for her.

Well, I told her it was true. She should rather go for the college of health technology (also called the school of health information management) if NYSC is a must for her except she could afford to go the long way.

Meanwhile, she didn’t know it all until I explained further. Below is what you need to know about colleges of health technology and going for service after their programmes.

Will I Serve in NYSC after Finishing from College of Health or School of Information Management?

The answer is still yes – but not for all their programmes/courses.

Here is my explanation…

Colleges of health technology usually run three types of programmes:

  1. Regular National Diploma (ND)
  2. Regular Higher National Diploma
  3. Certificate (Diploma Courses)

College ND and HND Programme Conditions

If you’re admitted for the ND programme and proceed to HND, you will be mobilized for NYSC after your studies.

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Let’s get the picture further.

  1. To be admitted for an ND programme at a college of health, you will have to obtain JAMB UTME and consider any of the colleges among the federal, state, and private ones in Nigeria.
  2. If admitted, you’re to complete a 2-year ND programme.
  3. After this, you will be required to go for a-year of Industrial Training (IT) in a recognized organization.
  4. Then after, you can obtain the HND form of the same college or another. Here, you will spend another 2 years to earn the Higher National Diploma (HND).
  5. After this, you’re qualified to be mobilized for NYSC if you’re not more than 30 years as at the date of graduation or mobilization.
  6. Candidates who do not want to proceed to HND after their ND at a college of health (with UTME), can also obtain JAMB DE form to cross to universities of their choices offering the same or related courses.

College of Health Certificate (Diploma) Programme Conditions

If admitted for certificate programmes such as:

  • Health Assistant,
  • Medical imaging Technician,
  • Pharmacy Technician,
  • Food and Nutrition etc …,

Such admissions are usually not through JAMB… And you may not be able to proceed beyond this to HND level except your school has special provisions for this – which is very rare.

If you must know, people don’t go to NYSC with an ordinary certificate or Diploma course. You need HND and Bsc to be mobilized. 

If you are admitted for certificate course only, and where possible you can only proceed to HND or BSC through the JAMB regularization and JAMB Direct Entry application.

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It’s better to know the end of a journey before taking off in the first place.

If NYSC is a must for you, I advise going for ND and HND programmes of a college of health technology.

Meanwhile, not all these colleges run ND and HND especially those who are not under JAMB. Check this post for those who will mobilize for service (because they run ND and HND) and those that may not.

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