Why You May Not Want to Use Last JAMB Profile/Code This Year

Why May Not Want to Use Last JAMB Profile/Code for This Year UTME
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I gave you a comprehensive verdict about the rumor or information (so to say) that, UTME applicants should not use their last year’s profiles or codes to obtain this year’s UTME. The post was well shared and people appreciated it. JAMB wants you to use your old profile. Nothing is practically wrong with that.

However, someone called me to ask for a solution to an issue as a result of using last year’s profile. This is why I thought writing this piece will give you more insights into the dilemma.

In my last post, I made it clear that you can open another profile this year but you must use a new email and a new phone number (different from the one used last year). Yet, I let you know, you can, of course, use the last profile without any issues. But below is the list of things you must be aware of before using the last profile.

How to Get the Last Profile Code to Buy Form

The most costless way is to log into your last JAMB profile and on the top of the page, you will see the 10-digit number. That is your profile code.

Copy that and proceed to buy your JAMB form online or at a café, Bank, NIPOST or CBT centre. They will ask for your profile/confirmation code before they can vend your e-PIN or PIN to register with.

I covered other quick ways to retrieve the last profile code here. Make sure you can still log in to that last year profile (with your last email and password used) before using the profile code.

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See also: JAMB Profile Code: 3 Quick Ways to Get New One or Retrieve/Recover Lost One

Last Year Profile Code Will Tie You to Your Last Bio-Data

If you use the last profile, you’re signing the terms that you want JAMB to use all your personal details used for the last UTME  for this year also. In other words, you want your names (and their arrangement) the same as last year. You want the same date of birth, gender, state and local government of origin.

If you want to make a change to any of the above, kindly use a new profile for this year and correct or update what you intend to change.

A Case Study: A candidate used last year’s profile but wished to change the local government of origin. After the printing of this year’s registration slip, she noticed the same old local government origin reappeared.

That’s what using the last profile code means!

Using Last Profile Doesn’t Tie you With Schools and Courses

Don’t mix things up. The fact that the old profile gives you the same personal details doesn’t mean the same institutions and courses.

JAMB will still open your profile for the CBT centre to choose a new set of universities, polytechnics, colleges of educations, and innovation enterprises institutions. You will be allowed, as well, to make new choices of subject combination.

Meanwhile, if you’d been offered admission (and accepted it) on the last profile, it’s advisable to use a new profile to avoid conflict of admssion. I detailed this in, “I Accepted the Last Admission, Will I Be Admitted Again?

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What To Do If You Had Used Last Profile With Some Errors

If you had used last year’s profile and later realized you’re to make some corrections to your personal data, you will find my guide in, “UTME/DE: Errors with Name, Email, Date of Birth, Gender, Local Government, Subjects Combination” resourceful.

The post leaves nothing out if you must make some changes to your JAMB profile.

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