WAEC Whistleblowing: Report a Schools For Malpractices

Looking for whistleblowing advice? Whistleblowing procedure? Processes whistleblowers should take to report malpractice to WAEC? Below is the official guide for you.

Several students had worked so hard for the best grades but to their surprise, the very lazy ones made better grades.

This is a dilemma being caused by malpractice and cheating of all kinds.

More disappointingly, schools who are supposed to check anomalies of this nature have been found to be the master minders behind the scene.

This is why some people have to find resources on how to report schools taking credits for great results even with malpractice.

WAEC is one of such well-known SSCE exams that has seen a series of malpractices. The body in charge had given whistleblowers the authority and guide to reporting schools to them.

What is Malpractice According to WAEC?

The following, among others, constitute examination malpractice:

  1. Candidates bringing books or cribs into the
  2. Examination hall
  3. Insulting or assaulting any examination official;
  4. Swapping of scripts in an examination hall;
  5. Replacing their answer scripts with another one during or after the examination;
  6. Impersonation;
  7. Taking part in mass or organized cheating in the exam hall;
  8. All other acts that contravene the rules governing the conduct of the examination.

A comprehensive list of Offences is provided in Council’s Regulations & Syllabuses

A quick response to guide you on reporting malpractice cases to WAEC

Steps To Report A Malpractice Case to WAEC 

Below are the steps to take if you find a neighboring school helping students in exams.

  1. You can go to the WAEC office nearest to you and file a report;
  2. You can send an email to [email protected]
  3. You can also tweet the case on WAEC official Twitter handle with the name of the school, address, subject, etc. For privacy reason, I suggest you send them directly (DM)
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Then, the body will look into things.

Steps To Report A Malpractice Case ICPC 

ICPC is the federal government-owned agency for all acts of indiscipline in public and private offices.

This whistleblower alerted WAEC and ICPC on Twitter
An alert on Twitter on reported malpractice of a WAEC centre

You can report to them by filling the petition form.

Then, wait for the body to take the right actions.

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