Reasons You Might Not Gain Admission in 2021 – JAMB

I have got a few posts showing you the reasons you’re not yet admitted or you won’t be offered admission eventually.

In my previous articles, I showed you how catchment areas can affect your admission decision.

Also, I opened your eyes to the quotas given by the federal government for the universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education. In the post, you’re shown the power of seeking admission for science instead of other courses. There also, you could see the power of ratio 45:25:20:10.

In another compilation, I specifically let you know why you are yet to be admitted on CAPS. Even though that may not mean you’re unlucky finally if CAPS is yet to favor you.

In this post, I’m glad to show you what JAMB has considered as being reasons most admission seekers may be let down eventually for the year.

The admission board officially announced the three main reasons you may not be admitted. However, the body believed there were more – which I believe my previous linked posts had justified.

In what it appeared to be a plead to the board, a disappointed aspirant of the Nasarawa State University,

Please JAMB, I’d like to bring to your notice that it saddens me to see that I did not secure admission this year. God knows how bad I read for both my post UTME and I scored over average in my screening into the Nasarawa State University. Please assist me.

Here rather, let’s look at the three official reasons admission seekers may not be admitted this year.

JAMB was quick to reply to him accordingly,

There are many criteria for admitting candidates. The JAMB score and post UTME are just a few. Your O’level is also a major consideration. Perhaps one of these sets you back, never give up. Make proper choice of institution and programme next time.

Three Reasons You May Not Gain Admission – According to JAMB

  1. JAMB Score May Be Too Low For the Proposed Course
  2. Aspirants Might Not Meet the Post UTME Cut Off Mark
  3. O’level Results Grades Might Not Be Sufficient

Let’s look deeper into these mentioned points. They might be actually more difficult than they look.

1. JAMB Score May Be Too Low For the Proposed Course

Institutions usually declare the UTME score they require of you before you can be qualified for their post-UTMEs or admission screenings. For example, the University of Ibadan and the University of Lagos say 200 above. University of Ilorin, Adekunle Ajasin University, Federal University Oye Ekiti, etc list courses and UTME scores they want for each. A few others will say 180 and above while our polytechnics and colleges of education may say 120 and above.

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However, that doesn’t imply that once you have the cut off mark for your course, you’re going to be admitted. No! You’re only qualified for the post UTME or screening. I justified this in my post, “Can I Gain Admission With My Lower/Higher Score?

In a nutshell, candidates will usually need a higher mark than the declared before they can stand a better chance for admissions in this very competitive admission setting. In fact, JAMB cut off marks is not enough for admission as there are possibly three cut-off marks to beat before being admitted. That’s what this post, Differences in JAMB, School and Post UTME Cut-Off Marks, was all about.

Hence, JAMB is not wrong to say if you don’t gain admission, it may be due to your lower mark (not necessarily failure) in UTME.

2. Aspirants Might Not Meet the Post UTME Cut-Off Marks

You might not gain admission due to lower post UTME or screening scores. For some institutions, you’re to write another exam after UTME. This is called “post UTME”. Institutions such as UNILORIN, UI, UNILAG, FUTA, ABU, UNIBEN, etc will definitely test aspirants even if they meet the JAMB scores they want. For some institutions such as FUOYE, AAUA, UNIOSUN, ABTU, UNIMAID, LASU, etc, aspirants are only expected to register for their screening exercises. Here, you’re NOT to write any other entrance exams. The schools will admit you based on your total score/grade calculated from your UTME score and O’level subjects grades.

In certain other situations, even if you score 350 in UTME but failed post UTME such as in UNILORIN and UI (never get less than 50%) or OAU (never score less than 25/50), you will still be denied admission notwithstanding.

In other words, your higher UTME score is not enough to guarantee your admission. You have to as well pass and do well in the post UTME or screening. In the case of screening, a lower overall point may weaken your chance to be admitted.

3. O’level Results Grades Might Not Be Sufficient

It may appear very obvious that before you seek admission or gain one, you need to have your complete O’level results, yet candidates are not getting things right.

Having 8 subjects out of 9 in WAEC is not the problem. The problem comes when the result lacks one or two important subjects for your proposed course. A few of my posts such as the ones listed below may come in handy if one of the subjects required for your course is lacking.

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  1. Universities That Accept Maths D7, E8 or F9 for Law and Other Courses
  2. Universities and Courses that Accept Biology D7, E8 or F9
  3. 15+ Universities/Courses That Accept English D7 and E8
  4. Universities and Courses that Accept Chemistry D7, E8 or F9
  5. Universities and Courses that Accept Economics D7, E8 or F9
Unfortunately, some aspirants believe in having the 5 subjects. Ask them, are they the core ones? If you have both Biology and Agric Science, for example, most schools recognize both as just a subject. In other words, you have either Biology or Agric. The same happens in the case of Economics and Commerce. Most institutions recognize them both as one subject. Another fact you may not know until now is that – OAU doesn’t recognize Commerce for her admission both in SSCE subject or UTME.

This may be the reason you’re left out of the admission list – even though you scored higher in UTME and Post UTME/screening.

Similarly, if you opt-in for institutions using screening instead of post UTME, you may be limited if your SSCE grades are not strong. By being strong here, I mean comprised of As and Bs.

The more your distinctions in the 5 needed subjects the better your chance with institutions such as the Federal Poly Offa, Iree Poly, OSCOTECH Esa Oke, FUOYE, UNIOSUN, LASU, Adeyemi Degree, and few others using screening exercises.

Other Reasons You Might Not Be Admitted

If you check the official response of JAMB as to why a candidate might be denied admission, “there are more factors” than the three mentioned by the board.

Below is a list of such other factors:

1. Candidates Might be Outside the Admission Age Bracket

Generally, you must be 16 by the October of the admission year before you can be offered admission.

It doesn’t matter if you score 400 in UTME, 100% in post UTME and acquires 9 As in WAEC or NECO, once you a day below the admission age (16), you’re out of luck in Nigeria for admission.

Hence, it’s necessary for parents and candidates to be sure they will be rightly 16 or older by October of the admission year. And where things may not favour, consider inflating the age or just wait till next year or the right time.

2. Candidates Might Not Have Done Things Right

One of the areas aspirants are not doing right is the subject combination in UTME. Out of mistake, candidates combine the wrong subjects. For example, I had a candidate who combined Chemistry, Physics, and Biology for Industrial Chemistry. This combination as wrong as Industrial Chemistry was an Engineering course which required Maths and Physics. But because of the way it sounds, you can mistake it for medical or pure science.

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Similarly, candidates who combined Economics and Commerce or Agric and Biology (in UTME) may suffer the same fate for certain institutions and courses. For example, if you write Agric and Biology for Agric courses, it’s a wrong combination. It should be one of the two, plus another science subject.

Still on aspirants doing things wrongly, a few candidates won’t be offered admission because they fail to upload O’level results to the JAMB portal. This usually affects those who used awaiting results while registering for UTME/DE. These candidates might not be aware that they needed to go back to CBT centre immediately their results are released, scan and upload it to the JAMB portal.

If you’re among such candidates, wave “bye” to admission even if score 500 in UTME or beat your university’s vice-chancellor in the post UTME. Lol!

Meanwhile, those candidates that believed they have uploaded their results during the JAMB registrations or returned later to do that should check if the results were truly uploaded.

We’ve got cases of candidates who went for their registrations with their results but the attendants didn’t fill the results for them or what they filled contained some errors. Those candidates were not aware, having the confidence they’d done it until it’s too late. Fortunately, if it’s missing or there are errors in the result, you can still edit things if you know right now.


Gaining admission into any universities, polytechnics, or colleges of education in Nigeria factors in several things. The most obvious of which are UTME score, post-UTME mark, and SSCE grades.

However, other factors including the age, uploading the O’level results and the subject combination had prevented a hundred aspirants from being offered spaces.

If you find any student on campus today, he or she had definitely done things right and has not fallen into the trap of such factors.

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