NYSC Relocation: Process, Approval and Cancellation

What is Relocation or Redeployment in NYSC and how is it done
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After being posted to a state you don’t want or you want the least, the next thing you want to consider is relocation to another state.

NYSC gives you the opportunity to relocate. Change of state or redeploy based on marital purpose or health concerns is possible and allowed.

Below is a list of questions prospective corps members seeking relocation are asking and the answers from experiences backed by NYSC official releases.

1. What is Relocation or Redeployment in NYSC?

This is the process by which a corps member applies to be posted to another state because she is married or he or she has certain health issues that need to be attended to by a hospital or doctor in the to-be-redeployed state.

Most recently due to security challenges across the nation, NYSC itself does give relocation to corpers to neighboring states.

2. How is Relocation Done?

With the full computerization of the operations of mobilization, relocation exercise is done online.

During the online registration exercise, the platform provides opportunities for married women and people with life-threatening ailments not only to indicate their status but also to upload their evidence and get automatically posted to their spouses’ places of domicile or health facilities respectively.

This is the best method to get automatic relocation. By this, you will claim married when registering for mobilization. Then, you’ll be required to upload some documents. NYSC will post you to your husband’s state without further processing or follow-up.

For those who want to use health issues, you’ll claim POOR when asked the state of health during the mobilization registration. You’ll be asked to upload a doctor’s report too. Then, you will be posted to the state of the doctor or hospital in charge of your health.

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This is an example of NYSC relocation letter
NYSC relocation letter sample

Nevertheless, corps members are given the opportunity to apply for relocation on marital or health grounds while in the orientation camps. Relocation is done electronically. After the camp relocation, all other relocations are carried out three (3) months after the orientation course.

The corps members must apply online and the State Coordinators appropriately recommend online too before the relocations are effected. However, as a policy, all relocations stop six (6) months into the service year.

3. What are the steps to Apply for Relocation Online After Camping?

  1. Note that you must have requested relocation before you leave camp.
  2. Visit portal.nysc.org.ng. Log in with your Email address and password used during the registration.
  3. Click on the Relocation Status, if your request has been approved.
  4. Click on the link and make a payment of N1,000 through Remita. Note that this charge is exclusive of N165 Remita Charges.
  5. Print your Relocation letter (in color) and report at the NYSC Secretariat of the new state you are relocated to.
  6. Submit your files, get a new state code, and do all the necessary documentation.
  7. Proceed to your new Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) with your new posting letter.

    4. Do I need Uploading of Documents During Relocation Letter Printing

    First, you have to lodge your relocation complaint at the camp. Then, you’re asked to visit the NYSC portal to make payment and print your Relocation letter.

    However, you won’t be able to make payment until you do uploading of supporting documents. The mini registration involves scanning of five documents if you’re married (are being relocated because of marriage). You may be required to scan and upload your doctor’s report or health certificate if you’re being relocated for health problems.

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    After that, wait for some hours/days. During this time, NYSC officials will check all the scanned and uploaded documents at their end and approve or reject it. If approved, you will be able to make payment and print your letter immediately. Where disapproved, you’ll be required to scan and upload a real document or letter.

    5. What are the Documents to Upload for Relocation For a Married Woman?

    Of course, as earlier said, you will need 5 supporting documents for married woman relocation.

    1. Marriage Certificate (Court Affidavit). Court Certificate of Marriage, Mosque or Church Marriage Certificate (are equally acceptable)
    2. Newspaper for Publication of Change of Name
    3. Husband Local Government Identification
    4. Husband’s ID Card e.g National ID Card (temporary one acceptable), Voter’s Card, Driving License, etc.
    5. House Utility Bill (Power Bill, Water Bill, etc) or Letter from Husband Employer

    6. Can I Cancel My Relocation?

    In the case of a change of mind after your relocation application has been approved, you can still cancel it. To do that, first, visit the state you’ve just been redeployed to. Then, table your interest in canceling the relocation application. You’ll be required to write a letter “Cancellation of Relocation Application to Name of the State”.

    This may take a few days before you will be informed by the last state that, your relocation has been canceled. Then, you can return to the first state of posting.

    Note that all these processes of relocation application and cancellation (if needed) must be completed within 3 months. Relocated corps members must report to the new state within 21 days of the approval.

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