NPOWER Redeployment of Beneficiaries: What You Must Know

It is no more a joke that Npower has come to this country to help millions of youth find something contributing doing. The scheme has equally trained lots of engaged youth under the category of N-Build, Tech and Creative.

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In the past, most beneficiaries can redeploy from one organization to the other or from one state to the other. This may not be possible henceforth as the support team recently affirmed on their Twitter handle.

Dear 2017 Beneficiaries, There is no redeployment in N-Power. You selected YOUR place of residence and that formed one of the criteria for your selection. No one can authorize redeployment.

It was twitted that, there would be no redeployment in N-Power again.

It added that, individual beneficiaries selected their places of residence and that formed one of the criteria for the selection the first place.

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With this statement, the inter-state re-deployment may not be possible in case you wish to know.

For example, if you’re a beneficiary in Oyo State and wants to be re-deployed to Lagos State.

However, this may not stop the intra-state or local government switching.

For example, someone in Ife-north local government may want to consider another local government area. A beneficiary teaching in a school very far from his residential address may apply for relocation within the same local government or state.

How to Re-Deploy Within the Same State

From experience, those who are interested in changing their places of work can adopt two methods.

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Colleague Switching

Switch school with a colleague who also prefers where you are working and you also prefer where he is working.

For instance, Mr. A is working at XYZ School and that is so close to your residence. But you’re working at ABC School which is closer to Mr. A’s residence too.

If two of you can meet (and get the permission of your schools), you can switch schools without any official concern.

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Apply through Focal Person

If you prefer relocating to another local government within your state, you will have to apply through the state’s focal person. Each focal person is in the state’s headquarter.

Such office will need genuine, medical or legal reason for such relocation before granting approval.

No one else can authorize redeployment.

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