NPower Nigeria: New Application, Shortlisting, Payment and Other Updates (OFFICIAL)

Are you interested in applying for Npower Nigeria, Do you want to know if your name is the list of successful applicants? Do you have any delay in payments of your allowee, stipend or salary and you want what Npower support team is doing about it?

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Note that anything you see on this page is, officially announced.

Most Recent Updates for Npower Support Team 

Do you have concerns before, during, or after applying for Npower?

I’d compiled a few questions and answer about the 2020 Npower application. This post will clarify many things including the test schedule, requirements, SSCE applicants, editing of form, etc

2020 Batch C Npower Npower Commenced

The Federal Government of Nigeria under the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development, has launched a new application for the Nigerian youth who wish to partic[ate in the voluntary scheme called the Npower. To apply and for more details, click here.

Npower to Disengage the Batch A and B Volunteers by June and July Respectively

This is to inform the general public and the concerned members of the scheme that the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development is set to disengage the existing Npower beneficiaries and open fresh applications. More detail here.

Can Npower Beneficiaries Apply For Other Government Jobs? See the Answer

When I gave an update on what Npower will do to a beneficiary if they find out he is in another government job, I didn’t treat it as a separate topic. But here, I detailed it as officially explained.

Npower Enhanced Stage Announced: What is the Possibility?

I’ve earlier reported the Npower enhanced stage as announced by the support team. All affected beneficiaries have been on the lookout ever since. But the question is; what is the possibility that the Federal Government will do as promised? Here is my view of this. You will love reading it.

How to Contact Npower Support Team on Updates and Clarifications

We’re all receiving a series of confusing updates on Whatsapp and other social media that Npower application has been opened. This may be true or just a scam. The best way to know which is to talk to the people in charge directly and hear from the horse’s mouth. If you have anything bordering you about Npower whether you’re a new, old or prospective beneficiary, here is a list of contacts to reach them including Whatsapp number.

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NPower Build Beneficiaries Called to Report for Screening/Verification: See Details

Dear N-Power Build Pre-selected trainees, please note that you are expected to proceed to the NOA offices at your LGAs on Monday, April 8th, 2019.

Apply for 2019/2020 N-Power Knowledge Multi-Track Youth Empowerment 

The Federal Executive Council (FEC) has approved a new scheme that is targeted at creating employment for Nigerian youth. The scheme is aimed at employing 60,000 Nigerian youths between the ages of 18 to 25.

Npower Gives Beneficiaries Power To Report Threat to Remove Them

You can be under pressure with a series of threats from some states, offices or bodies claiming that they have the power to remove you if you don’t partake in the campaign for elections, rallies or other political functions being organized by such bodies.

Good News for 2016 Npower Beneficiaries – FG Continues Payment of Stipends Beyond November

Do you remember my post, “2016 Npower to Continue Earning Stipends in the Enhanced Stage to be Announced”? There, I updated you on the Npower report that the 2016 beneficiaries to be “promoted” to the ENHANCED STAGE. Only a few could have believed that story if I didn’t add the official source.

But now, all have known this is really. But something is more real than ENHANCED STAGE as the beneficiaries will continue to collect their N30,000 monthly stipend after completing their two years in the scheme and even before the government announces the alleged next stage.

NPOWER: 37 Million Naira Competition Opens to Beneficiaries (Impact Series Challenge) 

Even though some prospective Npower applicants were excepting the new registration to open, the support team surprised us with a new deal while the link for the fresh application was just given. The new deal is really mega and that’s the 36 million naira competition among the existing beneficiaries.

This completion will give 37 lucky winners from each state of the nation and FCT Abuja a million naira cash prize.

Npower: The list of De-listed Beneficiaries from the Schemes

Just recently Npower has delisted some beneficiaries from the scheme due to their being found out that they were working elsewhere.

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Earlier the support team has warned all beneficiaries who are still working and earning from any state, local or federal parastatals together with the private establishment to opt out of the programme. However, some remained adamant.

2016 Npower to Continue Earning Stipends in the Enhanced Stage to be Announced

Npower support team has been promising “good news” for sometimes. The good news is now thrown to the public and the reaction to this should be overwhelming among the out-going 2016 Npower beneficiaries.

NPOWER Redeployment of Beneficiaries: What You Must Know 

It is no more a joke that Npower has come to this country to help millions of youth find something contributive doing. The scheme has equally trained lots of engaged youth under the category of N-Build, Tech and Creative.

In the past, most beneficiaries can redeploy from one organization to the other or from one state to the other. This may not be possible henceforth as the support team recently affirmed on their Twitter handle.

New Npower Registration Opens: 2018/2019 Applications for N-Build

This is to inform the general public and interested applicants that NPOWER application for the 2018 set is opened. The application form can be accessed and filled on the body’s portal.

Who Can Apply
It should be noted that the category to be opened for prospective applicants is N-Build. This is category primary meant for the non-graduates. In other words, holders of Bsc, Msc, HND, NCE, ND, Health Tech, Nursing are not expected to apply.

You’re on the right track if you hold SSCE (WAEC, NECO, NABTEB) or its equivalence.

However, graduates can equally apply with their lower qualifications or their highest qualifications if they don’t mind being trained for this category of N-power.

Npower 2017 Payment Timetable for All States – Starting from Next Week

This is to inform all beneficiaries already enrolled that Npower Support Team had announced that all Nigerian States will start receiving their stipends from next week.

Some states, however, will not get alerts because the team is yet to receive the deployment schedule for 9 states. Hence, the beneficiaries in those states cannot be processed.

The affected states include Abia, Borno, Delta, Kaduna, Kano, Kastina, Kebbi, Lagos, and Nasarawa.

 The statement also said, “For the States that we have received the deployment schedules, we are cleaning the data received and are validating them with the stamped uploaded deployment letters.”

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More 2017 Applicants will Be Shortlisted for N-Tech and N-Creative Sooner

In a statement released by the support team, it has been made known that all applicants of 2017 Npower who were not earlier successful in the screening or not shortlisted at all that all hope is not lost. These applicants should be waiting for SMS on their phones which will inform them of their selections. This new list may not be for the category they applied for earlier though.

The statement says the new list will give them a chance to fill vacant spaces in N-Tech and N-Creative category.

Accordingly, the support team said,

If you applied for any of the N-Power Graduate programmes and you were not shortlisted, you are likely to receive a message that you have been shortlisted for either the N-Power Tech or Creative programmes.

Kindly note that the list will not be posted online. You should keep your phone on and expect congratulatory SMS in a few days’ time.

News Source: Npower Twitter Handle

Wishing you luck!

NPOWER Nigeria: What Happens If You Are Working Elsewhere While Earning from the Scheme.

You might have been receiving this like rumor in the past, but it is no more hearsay. Npower has started sweeping out beneficiaries who are already engaged with a government job or private one.

Are you an existing Npower beneficiary who is already working somewhere else? This may be one of the disheartening updates but it can as well save you from unnecessary embarrassment and law hands. If you want to know what will happen if Npower finds out you’re already working with any arms of the government or any private company but you’re still earning their stipends, this is a must-read for you.

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