NOUN Graduates, NYSC and Nigerian Law School Issues Resolved

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    The summary of these searches is that prospective applicants or existing students want to know if the issues of the inability of NOUN to produce her graduates for NYSC and Law School had been resolved.

    Some Backgrounds on NOUN, NYSC and Law School Issues

    The National Open University of Nigeria is a distance Learning-programme institution established to help students to gain admission to this non-conventional university and undergo the same studies as their counterparts from other conventional institutions of learning.

    The university has study centres across the country instead of a particular university location/campus.

    This university has been serving thousands of students with the opportunity to study and work at the same time. The university matriculates thousands of students every year while it never misses the yearly graduation ceremony as well.

    With this opportunity, students have been able to bypass hurdles associated with JAMB UTME in seeking admissions since applicants are not necessarily required to use UTME result for their application. All it requires is O’level results and grades relevant to their proposed courses.

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    Problems with NYSC and Nigerian Law School 

    We all know after completing a regular Bsc and HND in any university and polytechnic, the next thing is to proceed to a one-year national service. And where you’re a Law graduate, you, as well, need proceeding to Nigerian Law School to be qualified as a lawyer.

    However, it has been a war among the three parties since NOUN produced her first set of graduates. The Law school was not accepting their law graduates and NYSC never mobilized their graduates for service.

    NOUN management has put in different mechanisms and efforts to make this possible but it has never worked until now.

    Yes, you heard me. NOUN graduates can now serve at NYSC and Law graduates can proceed to Nigerian Law School.

    Though there are still a few bodies to consult and terms to agree on, yet fresh graduates should be full of hope.

    How True is it that Graduates of NOUN can go to NYSC and Law School?

    I told you in my post, “NOUN Admissions: Answers to Series of Questions of Prospective Students”, that everything is being done from the management side to ensure all graduates of the school can serve and go to the Law School.

    There was a need to assure you this, in the post, because many prospective applicants had been so skeptical about their future if they should invest their time and resources into a four or five years programmes but end up being given exclusion letter by NYSC and rejected by the Law School.

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    Here is the good news!

    News already has it that President Buhari has finally lifted this embargo of not serving at NYSC or proceeding to Law School by assenting to the National Open University Amendment Act.

    Students of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) can now heave a sigh of relief as President Muhammadu Buhari assents to the National Open University Amendment Act 2018.

    This will allow the National Open University to operate like all other universities, having the same power, functions, and administrative structures.

    The argument of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and Nigerian Law School was that National Open University was not set up under the same modalities, law, and administrative structures as other universities in the country. Hence, their graduates would not be given the same privileges as the conventional universities.

    With the assent of the President, NOUN is now having the same power and functions and the same administrative structures.

    The Sun News has it that, the Vice-Chancellor of NOUN, Prof Abdalla Adamu, who disclosed this on Thursday during the 54the meeting of the Governing Council in Lagos, said the amendment of the act now empowers the management of the university to mobilize its graduates for NYSC and the Nigerian Law School.

    Prof Abdalla Adamu said with the gazetting of the amended act, the university management would approach NYSC and Council of Legal Education for negotiation on the two issues.

    What to Expect from this Development

    1. National Open University will henceforth be producing her graduates for NYSC. By this, graduates will be mobilized for a year service scheme.
    2. Nigerian Law School is now statutorily required to admit Law graduates from NOUN
    3. NOUN graduates who have been patiently waiting for them to be mobilized should get ready for work ahead. Congratulations!
    4. Prospective applicants shouldn’t be skeptical again to apply for NOUN. They should understand that the Federal Government power supersedes.
    5. However, there are a few logistics to making this finally a success. Subscribe to this blog if you will like to receive the final updates when every plan starts working and related news.
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    There may, of course, be some forces to battle. Yet, with this new law by the incumbent president, I don’t have any doubt that the next set of graduates will be included for NYSC and Nigerian Law School.

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