Nigerian Police Recruitment: 5 Reasons to Apply

I started typing this post as soon as I stopped talking with a friend of mine. My friend is a police officer and has been in force for some years now.

Actually, a brother needed help regards the ongoing recruitment. My friend was quick to tell me that even without any help, more applicants will be considered this year. He, however, warned us to apply as soon as possible.

Below were what I deduced from our 15 minutes of talk.

Reasons It is More Certain You will be Favoured if you Apply for Nigerian Police Force Jobs Now

1. Federal Government Targets Another 10,000 police officers

Even last year, when about 10,000 men were recruited, more people around us were favored. And now that we have more to consider, we should be optimistic that more applicants who can give this a trial will be considered.

Don’t forget that 10,000 candidates were already gone among people interested in NPF jobs in the last year. Competition may not be as usually tense this time that they need more officers.

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2. Police Salary has been Increased

In case you don’t know, the Nigerian Policemen are now in jubilation as FG recently approved increment in their enumerations. With about 100% increase in the salary, this could be the right time to join the force.

Most people look down at this security force because of the inadequate care from the government. If this administration aims higher for them, you’d best join now.

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3. More Doors of Assistances Likely to Open

This is the time of the year that politicians will be asking us if we need helps. We chase them around until the time they need us for the election. Now, they are here looking for people to help so they can win more hearts.

Won’t you be disappointed, if, after the closing date, some politicians are asking for the prints-outs from those who applied but you didn’t apply?

You will find the following post resourceful if you want to apply now.

4. A Few People Will Apply for Constables

We all know the nature of Nigerian job seekers. People don’t want to consider positions below their education/qualifications. This is one of the reasons thousands of such candidates will remain on the street until they start to notice gray hairs.

The latest openings are just for the SSCE holders, of course. Only a few will want to file in for that. After all, it’s just recruits!

A warning here for the graduates – Bsc, HND, ND, or NCE holders! Nothing is practically wrong with you if you can still use your WAEC, NECO or NABTEB to apply for the post below your qualification. What everybody wants at the end is a paying job.

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However, if after a few years such opportunity opens, you can quit the police job or upgrade your post with the higher qualification you possess.

If you think the commission will open applications for cadet inspectors and inspectors any time sooner, you’re wrong. All-through 2017, 2018, 2019 only constables forms were made opend – be warned!

5. Most People Won’t Be Able to Apply Because of NIN

One major fear of prospective applicants is the rate at which people are seeking jobs lately. Then, you’re likely to quit because you don’t have a connection. Mind you, there is more to the application than connection.
National Identification Number (the number on the National ID card) will be required for this application. However, very many intending applicants don’t have it yet. Some had applied for the National ID card but yet to collect the permanent one with NIN. Some had not applied at all.
Meanwhile, because of the COVID-19 and parastatals lockdown, National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has not started operations nationwide in order to issue NINs for those with temporary slips or register those who just want to apply because of the ongoing Police application.
In this case, only a few prospective applicants who already have their NINs will be able to fill the forms in the first place. This will, as a result, broaden your chance as there won’t be much competition.
Best of luck!

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