Must I Register JAMB the Same Day I Buy PIN?

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A few candidates had been asking a strange question. They wanted to know if it is compulsory to register their UTME/DE the same day they got ePINs. There may be reasons to delay your registration until a few days after buying the PIN. CBT centre may face certain technical issues that may warrant coming back the following day or days later.

Here is the point.

You buy your JAMB PIN today but you want to register tomorrow or sometime next week. Is this possible or you must just go to the CBT centre that same day for the registration? Can you defer the registration till later or postpone your going to the CBT centre?

This is the question to be answered in this post.

JAMB Allows You Buy PIN and Register Later

As a matter of fact, you’re allowed to buy your JAMB form days before you proceed to the CBT centre for the registration proper.

Buying the form (ePIN) is one thing. Registration at CBT centres is another. Hence, you can delay your registration to a later date.

Register Within Reasonable Period

Even though you can register your UTME/DE later after buying PIN, yet you’re to be sure you go for the full registration before the announced closing date.

Delay can be dangerous. Be sure you know the closing date for the JAMB form and its registration. While JAMB can extend the closing date for registration, they may not extend the closing date for the sales of forms.

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In other words, if JAMB announces February 17 for the closing date of sales of form, this means no candidate will be able to buy PIN at the end of that day. However, they may give a day or two extensions for those who bought the form on the last day in order to register at CBT centres.


Even though I like to warn applicants not to rush at the JAMB registrations within the first few days of the sales. There may be a few technical issues JAMB and registration centres can be facing at such an early time. Give them the time to be in shape before buying form. Yet, you don’t have to wait too late before you register. Try to be in the middle.

More so, if you buy your PIN now, you can still use that for the registration days or weeks after. Just be sure you know the closing date and register before then.

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