JAMB Transfer Approval: Check, Accept and Next Steps

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Let’s talk about the JAMB transfer of admission.

Just now that admission in progress, some schools are transferring their candidates from certain courses to others. Institutions are transferring candidates from the original courses of choice to the ones qualified for or the one available/less competitive.

In order to do this, institutions will firstly contact JAMB with the list of the affected candidates and request the body to place them under transfer of admission on the JAMB CAPS.

After this, candidates are usually contacted through SMS to inform them that their intending institutions had resolved to offer them admissions but to other courses entirely. Hence, they are required to check for the new course on CAPS and accept it.

Transfer of Admission is Different From Admission Offered on CAPS

Don’t be confused. If you’re offered your intended course, you will accept it on CAPS still. However, if you’re offered another course, it will require you to accept that under “Transfer Approval Link” on CAPS before you can you later accept it under “Admission Status Link”.

Let me break that down a bit.

Admission Status Link in CAPS gives you access to accept the final course offered. While Transfer Approval Link gives you access to accept the new course offered instead of your original course.

Hence, if your school doesn’t change your course, you will only need Admssision Status Link only. If they change it, you’ll need Transfer Approval first. Then, you will later accept also through Admission Status Link. Though, that may be a couple of days after you’ve accepted the transfer.

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A Case Study of Transfer of Admission

Let’s see a complaint by a parent of a transferred applicant to another course.

l received a text message on my phone, stating UNILORIN wanted to transfer my daughter to study another course. We were asked to either accept or reject the course. On logging into JAMB CAPS with her details, the admission status still shows not admitted. Why this?

The parent has taken to official JAMB Twitter page to ask this question. So what has he done wrong?

He obviously did not use the Transfer Approval link. He was using Admission Status Link.

Admission Status link will keep saying “Not Admitted” until one accepts it first under transfer approval link and later under Admission status link in the Access my CAPS.

If he accepts rightly, the admission process for the new course will immediately start and later reflect under Admission Status. There, he will accept or reject finally.

This is why the handler asked,

Did you accept it? If yes, then the process of our Admission should be ongoing.

How to Accept The Newly Offered Course on Transfer

  1. Visit JAMB profile/CAPS
  2. Locate the link for Transfer Approval. Click that and it will show the new course and accept and reject buttons
  3. Accept and log out.
  4. Return to your CAPS from time to time to be check Admission Status Link (not the button outside). When offered the course finally, you will be able to see it and accept it there too. 

See the screenshots below for the stages to follow in the JAMB transfer of admission and its approval.

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Stage/Step 2:

Stage/Step 3: 

Stage/Step 4: 

Stage/Step 5: 

Do I have to Do Change of Course to the New Course?

After accepting the new course on Transfer Approval, candidates will have to wait for the school and course to appear under Admission Status Link.

However, it’s advisable you also do JAMB change of course to the new course. This is the only way JAMB will make your new course to appear under admission status.


    If you’ve received a message to accept another course you’re transferred to. You will need to visit your CAPS, follow the quick guide above to accept it. Then, wait for your real admission status which must be accepted too. This is not going to be immediately though. You may need to wait a few days or weeks. To make things faster, change the course on JAMB change of institutions/courses portal as well.