JAMB Mock Exams: Purpose, How and Where to Register, Price, Date and More

This post among other things will discuss 

  1. what the JAMB mock exam is, 
  2. how to register or apply for it, 
  3. the nature of the questions and answers,
  4. when the Mock exams will come up,
  5. if the exam is compulsory for all candidates,
  6. or does JAMB add the Mock marks to the main UTME?

Since the inception of UTME computer-based exams, JAMB has devised a way to get candidates prepared for the exam far before the date. In order to achieve this, they came up with MOCK.

In other words, this exam is meant to prepare UTME candidates for the real test coming.

1. What is JAMB Mock?

According to Victionary.com, a Mock is an examination, where the marks may or may not count, which serves chiefly as practice for future exams or so that the teachers are able to set a grade before the end of the term.


This type of exam is not new as it is usually adopted by schools and the government to know the ability of students before the main exam.

That’s why I define the JAMB mock as pre-UTME and preparatory exams.

2. How do I register for JAMB Mock?

JAMB instructs any candidate to indicate interest to sit for Mock at various CBT centres across the nation during the registration.

If you’re interested in the preparatory test, all you’ll do during your UTME registration is signify that you want to write it.

Most CBT centre will ask if you want to. If they don’t, you should tell them forearmed that you want Mock during the filling of your form.

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Note that registration for mock may not cost an additional charge. This means you won’t need to pay for the exam. It’s should be FREE.

The CBT centre will just indicate that you’ll write the MOCK and JAMB’s database will add you up with the set of candidates to be scheduled for this test.

And of course, candidates interested in Mock must register for UTME before a particular date before the form closes generally. For the 2021/2022 UTME, candidates must register for their UTME and indicate interest in Mock before 24th April 2021.

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3. What is the Nature of the Questions in this Exam?

Sincerely, writing this test will serve some purposes including:

  • Giving candidates clues to how JAMB UTME is like
  • Exposing candidates to the way JAMB set questions
  • Testing candidates ability for UTME
  • Allowing candidates to know if he or she is weak or strong in his or her subjects or otherwise
  • Familiarizing students with the use of computers to write test
  • Making candidates understand CBT exams environment

Having said that, candidates are to know that questions set for mock are not different from that of the main UTME. The same exam body will set them and from the same database.

Even though you shouldn’t expect JAMB to repeat the same questions set for mock during the UTME, yet questions are not different in nature.

Check how JAMB marks and scores English and other subjects and get the idea of what negative marking is and how it may or may not affect you.

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4. Does JAMB add the Mock score to the UTME score?

You may want to know if JAMB will add your mark in mock with your score in UTME if you’ll sacrifice the time and effort for the exam. Some candidates who chose not to write it may be worried too – thinking they may be missing something.

The bad and good news is that your mock score will not be added to your UTME score.

They’re independent of each other.

In fact, if you’re already familiar with CBT exams environment, you may not need such a preparatory test.

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5. When is the Mock Exams Coming UP?

2021 MOCK is scheduled for May 20, 2021. Printing of e-slip for the scheduled time and venue has since commenced. This is only for candidates who registered on or before the 24th of April, 2021 and indicated interest to take the mock examination.

Hence, candidates are to print their exam schedule slips on or before that date on the JAMB official page.

6. Is JAMB Mock Compulsory for all UTME Candidates?


With all the explanations above, you should by now, get the idea of what this test is all about. Hence, you know if this is necessary for you or not.

In summary, it’s optional and it doesn’t affect how JAMB gives you a score in UTME.

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A Case Study

A candidate of mine, in 2020, wrote mock and got 264 marks.

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She was relieved by her familiarization with the real computer use for exams, the CBT environment, and the UTME platform.

However, when she wrote the main UTME, she got 186.

Do you see that?


JAMB mock is not for every candidate. Hence, you don’t need to panic if you didn’t register for it in the first place. If you register, know that performing better in mock doesn’t guarantee a higher mark in the main UTME. And it’s closer to the certainty that her mark in mock was not added.

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