JAMB Admission Eligibility Checker For UTME/DE Candidates


Won’t it interest you if you can know if you’re qualified for a university, polytechnic, or college of education and the course you’re proposing even before you go for UTME or DE registration?

Definitely YES, you’ll love it.

Knowing this position after the registration will as well give you confidence that you’re moving in the right direction. And if you’re had messed up, you can rectify things before it’s too late.

Some candidates are thrown into confusion with a million blogs sharing different fabricated info. There you read one thing and here you got another.

A candidate doesn’t know which to believe.

JAMB has in most cases recommended you study her official brochure to avoid an error. That’s why I wrote that this post too.

However, studying the brochure is technically difficult for the majority of admission seekers. Some can’t read to details. This is why very many candidates just cover the general entry requirements without the look at what each institution may demand differently under the heading Remarks/Waiver Considerations.

I have personally prepared a JAMB mini brochure to guide you on more than a hundred courses, their UTME subjects combination, and SSCE subject requirements.

The unavailability of paperback brochures again is another setback to studying brochures. No more papers and where CD ROMs are provided, no computers to read and study them for average poor Nigerian families.

So what’s the final, easiest, and cost-free solution to this problem?

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JAMB Gives Online Access to Check Your Eligibility for Institution and Their Courses

Joint Admission and Matriculation Board has devised another mechanism to let individual student check if he or she is qualified for a course/institution before going for the registration at any CBT Centre. And where you don’t know why you’re not or yet to be offered a space, you must use this medium to find out why. After all, those CBT centres will not help you study the brochure before they file you in.

If you’d already completed the registration before you find this post, you can still check if you’d done things right.

And if you didn’t, no worry! JAMB change of institutions and courses will be opened as soon as your JAMB result is out. You can then proceed to any café or CBT to do the changes appropriately.

JAMB eligibility status checking page

    Steps to Check if You’re Qualified for A School and Course to be chosen in or already Chosen in UTME/DE.

    • Visit the JAMB eligibility checking portal. or click https://eligibility.jamb.gov.ng/checker/
    • A form will be opened to you as it will be opened at the CBT centre
    • Choose your mode of entry i.e DE or UTME
    • Select INSTITUTION TYPE e.g. Degree, ND, NCE or NID
    • Select INSTITUTION CATEGORY e.g. Federal Universities, State Polytechnics etc
    • Select the institution you want to seek admission into. Then, choose your proposed course.
    • Fill your O’level with Credit (A1-C6) and those with Pass (D7-E8)
    • Below that, select the four UTME subjects you intend to write in JAMB (for the UTME candidates)
    • Direct Entry candidates should fill the A’level section (UTME section doesn’t concern the DE applicants)
    • Finally, click on “Check Programme Eligibility
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      How to Know If You’re Eligible for the Institution and/or the Course

        1. A message will be displayed below your page showing you if you qualify or not.
        2. If you qualify, you’ll see (under Eligibility Result) “Congratulations, you are qualified for this programme”.
        3. If not, you will see the reason, such as “O’LEVEL disqualification. Please check the following, you are required to have: Three O’level Credit Subjects in English Language, Literature in English, Mathematics”

        Note that, the message above was for a candidate who has Pass (D7) in Mathematics for Civil Law and proposing ABU Zaria.

        What Actions Should You Take if you’re not Qualified For the Course or School?

        After checking your status and the system complaints, it will suggest to you, the courses you can apply for in the university even with the deficiencies it complained about.

        In the case of our friend above, the system suggests as follows:

        However, you can be accepted in the following programmes:


          Found Out After UTME Registration But Before Exams Schedule?

          If you find this out before going to register your UTME or DE, I suggest you consider changing your UTME subjects combination if the exam has not been scheduled (if you’re affected by the wrong UTME subjects). You can still return to CBT and make the corrections. Consider reading this post for more options to handle wrong UTME subject combinations.

          Found out After UTME/DE registration and Exams is Done?

          Wait for the change of Institution/Courses exercise opens. Then, change to another course you’re qualified for in the school or change the school and/or course entirely.

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