Is Re-Uploading of Results to JAMB Portal for Compulsory?

CBT Centres are Re-Uploading for All Candidates. Why?
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I’ve earlier covered some posts to answer a series of questions admission seekers were asking me. These questions surrounded the uploading of WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, and NBAIS results to the JAMB portal. I will leave some links below this post for you to check.

If your question is specific to whether you have to re-upload your result after already done that during UTME registration or you’d once gone back to CBT centre to upload and you want to know whether you still need to do that again – then you must read this piece and pass it across to help someone.

See, I’ve equally read a bunch of misleading information bloggers out there are sharing. Some blogs affirmed that you had to go for re-uploading of your results even if you have done that before. In other words, they were asking all admission seekers (whether you used awaiting results during UTME registration or not) to return to CBT centres and re-upload.

Well, we’re in a free world and words are free. But you don’t have to believe everything you read or hear. Or you have to usually get information from trusted sources or better – hear from the horse’s mouth.

Here is the real deal.

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All Candidates Who Used Awaiting Results Must Re-upload 

The very warning by JAMB and schools that their applicants should quickly go and upload their O’level results to the body’s portal is meant for only applicants who used awaiting results.

Unfortunately, most schools sending such email and SMS warnings are not being specific. But if you take note, the messages are perfect.

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For example, a school sent this,

Make sure you upload your O’level result to JAMB portal before a specific date

Adeyemi (University) College of Education posted this on her website.

All Applicants who have registered for Adeyemi College of Education Post UTME are requested to upload their O’Level/NCE result(s) where applicable to the JAMB site if they have not done so.

Note the part that says, “…where application” and “… if they have not done so”:

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The interpretation is simple too.

Just be sure you already have your result with JAMB. In other words, if you’d done that before – don’t worry again. If you’ve not – consider doing that immediately.

University of Ilorin’s message was more confusing (and somewhat specific),

This is to notify applicants who scored 50% and above in the Post UTME examination to upload their O’level result on JAMB CAPS

This can be confusing because the school seemed to be so specific.

What I believed happened here was that the university was set to be giving admissions to candidates who scored 50% and above. Therefore they wanted to be sure that all these candidates’ SSCE results were already with JAMB before they can recommend them for the board.

They know JAMB will reject recommendations of admissions to applicants whose O’level results are not with them.

Ekiti State University (EKSU) was very precise. The school included it in the e-mails sent to their applicants that, only those who used awaiting results are concerned.

Here was how EKSU put it,

To be admitted in to EKSU, you are advice to go to JAMB recognised CBTCentre to upload your O’Level result(s) to your profile on JAMB website immediately. Deadline is Friday 21th September, 2018. This notice applied only to people who have not uploaded their O’Level results.

You can confirm this from any EKSU aspirant.

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If you’ve read a blog post saying that, everybody must go back to upload their results again, it was just a misunderstanding or a means to lure you to spend some bucks for CBT centers (who may even be the ones behind the blog posts/WhatsApp messages you read).

If you’re not sure if they used awaiting results for you during the UTME registration, you can just confirm now. This will set your mind free of all the misconceptions out there.

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CBT Centres are Re-Uploading for All Candidates. Why?

I’ve got a student telling me that he had already uploaded his NECO result during UTME registration. While he went to another CBT centre, they still re-uploaded it and charged N500 instead of telling him that it’s not for those who had done that earlier.

Well, this is Nigeria. Most people are just opportunists. Most CBT centres can be taking advantage of your innocence and fool you that they re-upload the result. But know this, they don’t. A professional and trusted CBT centre will tell you the truth.

I had personally called some CBT centres and they were helpful to tell me it’s only for those who had not uploaded their results.

Having said that, you should visit a standard and only the accredited CBT centre to seek clarification yourself. If you have a family or friend close to one, they can help you to confirm.


This is another year of this misconception. From 2016 to 2019, most applicants were thrown into confusion about this. And if you ask those who are on campus today, they will tell you “it’s just false alarm”. It only concerns awaiting results candidates.

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Most of those on campus did not go back to do any re-uploading since they’re not using awaiting results. Needless to repeat, they are on campus!

If you want to learn more about this dilemma, you can find all the linked posts above helpful.

Urgent Update

I’d got an update that some CBT centres failed to upload results for some candidates during UTME registrations even though those candidates went there with their results. They did that because of some technical issues they faced while the registration was going on. Hence, I give you a piece of advice regards this in my post, “NO ADMISSION YET, Why O’level Result is the Reason for Delay

Take a moment to read the linked post above. It may save you a year.

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