Is it Possible to Upgrade JAMB UTME 2020 Score/Mark to 270 and Above?

Upgrading JAMB Result

You’re on the right page if you’ve been searching for how to upgrade, update, edit or increase your UTME score/mark. You will be taken through how real this result upgrading is. You will get the full idea of what it is all about. A series of misinformation will be dealt with and in the end, you should know which is which.

What You Must Know About UTME Score Upgrade

Let’s face it. Every student who couldn’t get up to the required score for his or her proposed course in UTME will want to consider upgrading or increasing the mark. I wish I can provide you further help than this post if you find yourself in such situations.

Please read this post to the end in order to get my message.

1. What Is JAMB UTME Result Upgrading

Upgrade of results means adding to a candidate’s mark; who had performed below expectations.

This, to UTME candidates, will help him or her get the right or desired score to qualify for the post UTME or admission of his or her proposed institution.

2. Is JAMB UTME Results Upgrade Possible?

I will tell you NO.

You know why?

In more than ten years of my active working as an education consultant, I’d not seen a true upgrade of the JAMB UTME score.

You may think maybe I didn’t look well around for confirmed upgrading of result runz.

My friend, I did, but all (without an exception) are nothing but scams.

There were times, JAMB themselves added marks to some candidates’ scores (even though they denied such).

I’d seen that before.

But I’m yet to see a true person adding marks to candidates’ scores.

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3. But I Saw Someone that Claimed his UTME Results was Upgraded.

Don’t let them fool you. Some scammers go online to lure into their traps.

They post on Facebook and blog, then comment under some online posts. They give you a picture that looks real but it’s not. They want you to pay them and that’s the end of your money.

Below is a message posted by a scammer for the JAMB upgrade.

Here is a scammer note below a post on JAMB result upgrade

Don’t be tempted. You don’t have to believe everything you see on the internet, please. The Internet is the most anonymous place to dupe people.

Let’s see other ways they can convince you of the upgrading of results.

Methods Scammers Use to Dupe You for UMTE Score Upgrade

Let me share some of the scammers’ tricks with you.

1. False/fake Comments Below False or Legitimate Posts

Some scammers will post blog comments that they score very low marks in UTME and claim that it was one JAMB official who helped them to upgrade the results and now they have higher marks.

They will then leave a phone number on which you can call the helper or the JAMB official to or email you can contact him through.

Here is another scammer on JAMB result upgrade

In fact, some may upload the picture of their results showing a higher mark.

It’s a lie – run!

Here is what actually happens. The same person that comments is the same person who owns the number or the email. Immediately you call him, he’ll claim he does help upgrade results. He will ask for your JAMB registration number and other information. He will promise to upgrade it for you immediately that you should pay some money. He may even tell you to pay half of the money and when he has completed your upgrade, you pay the rest.

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It’s a lie. He will collect that money and that will be the last time you guys ever talked.

2. Fake Confirmation that The Claim is True

A scammer will post a claim above or related and some people will comment below his post that it’s true.

No – it’s not true.

The same person who posts is still the one commenting below the post to scam you. He wants you to believe it when you see others saying it’s real.

He can even sponsor some other people to comment and claim he is really a SURE runz man.

3. Calls on Phone or Text Messages

Someone may call you that a man has helped him upgrade his UTME score. He will then give you a number to call the helper on, so your own result could be upgraded too.

This is a scam – run bro.

The guy who gave you the number is the same guy or his friend that will pick when you make a call.

He will then find a means to collect money from you. He can even show you higher results after he has done some editing on a computer.

Then, when you’d paid, you go back to check your result online. What you see is the old poor score.

In short, don’t look for any upgrade and if they bring such to you, run from runz.

What You Can Do Instead Of JAMB UTME Results Upgrade

If you have a lower mark in your UTME, first calm down and follow the instructions below.

  1. Wait for JAMB to declare the national cut-off marks this year. This is the mark JAMB will instruct institutions to accept for the year admission exercise. Meanwhile, JAMB may declare lower marks which will favour you at the end.
  2. Wait for your proposed schools to declare their cut-off marks. Some schools like UNIOSUN and LAUTECH (in 2019 admission) declared 160 and above for candidates. A majority will accept between 150 to 180.
  3. If your proposed schools can’t accept your lower mark, you can consider the change of institutions to schools that will. You can also consider bringing your chosen polytechnic or college of education to the first choice if you don’t mind. The majority of polytechnics and colleges of education accept 100 to 150 for their admission.
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Final Note On JAMB UTME Results Upgrade

You don’t need to worry. You only need some plans and luck to gain admission with any mark you have – even if it’s low. I had seen candidates with 285 and above deprived admissions in the end, while candidates with 100 and above made it to schools.

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