Is It Possible to Change Course After Admission?

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Change of course after admission, possible?

After being offered a course at a university, polytechnic, or college of education, a few students might want to consider changing their offered courses. Is this possible? And if YES, what are the modalities involved?

Let’s get the picture very clearly.

A student has been offered admission by the University of Lagos. He later wished to change the course. Is this allowed? What procedures should be followed if possible?

You Can’t Change Course on the JAMB Portal after Being Admitted

That’s the direct answer to your question.

It’s not possible to change the given course on the JAMB CAPS as soon as you accept the offer.

A confused candidate had directed the same question to JAMB. And the answer was capital NO.

JAMB says you can’t change course after being admitted

That’s very accurate that the candidate couldn’t change the course after the admission had been given and the offer accepted.

The answer was so quick and direct. Hence, the body didn’t have enough space and time to explain further.

I get you a further explanation and that is what you will read throughout this post. You will see other situations where it could be possible.

You Can Change if You’ve Not Accepted the Offer

JAMB allows you to reject admission on CAPS. Even though you can reject the offer, you’re at risk if you do. The school may not offer you the intended course if you should reject it based on the undesired course.

If you reject the offer because of the given course, you’re rejecting the institution and course altogether – not just the course. This is why it’s not advisable that you reject the offer unless you can risk letting all go.

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Rejecting admission here, though, will, though, open space for any other school to come in. And if you’re not expecting any, you might have dished your admission chance this year by the click of a button.

If you don’t mind, after you’d rejected admission on CAPS, you can still change the course.

You Can Change the Course on CAPS if Transferred

Lately, institutions are transferring candidates from their desired and applied courses to similar and less competitive courses.

With the transfer of admission, candidates are to check “Transfer Approval” on their CAPS to know if they’d been transferred by the institutions.

If transferred, you have to accept or reject the new course. If accepted, you need to change to the new course on the JAMB portal too. If you reject, you’d waved bye to the school and admission for the year probably.

With this, when the school completes the remaining processes, you will be able to see the new course as offered on CAPS under “Admission Status”. Then, accept finally before you print JAMB admission letters.

Now, if you’d been transferred, it means you’d been admitted too. This is because a school will not transfer you unless it’s certain it will offer you the course.

So, if you proceed to change of course, it will work. This is because it’s the school that transfers you to that and it’s required of you to do the change of course eventually.

You Can Change Course Going to 200 level

You must have heard of this before now. And if you haven’t, here you have it.

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It’s possible to change your course while going to the 200 level at your university.

Many universities allow this in certain conditions. The major one being that a candidate seeking to change course while going to the 200 levels must have a predetermined pass mark as a prerequisite.

For example, the University of Ibadan, Ladoke Akintola University, Obafemi Awolowo University, and a few others draw specific GP points for students willing to change course.

If you meet up with this point while at the end of your 100 level, you won’t be denied the chance to change the course. If however, you’ll be left with no other choice than to marry your current course.

Meanwhile for polytechnics and colleges of education, changing courses while going to ND 2 or NCE 200 level is not possible. I’ve got no reference to a polytechnic or college allowing such.


It’s safe to say changing the course won’t be allowed by JAMB if you had been offered a course that you’d accepted on CAPS. But if you’re transferred on the JAMB CAPS, you will be allowed to change to the new course.

However, candidates are still left with the last option if the change is not possible on JAMB – which I already covered in this post.

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