Is FUOYE Accepting 150 and Above Cut Off Mark For This Year Admission? See Answer

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One of my readers just hit me on Whatsapp. He wanted to do a change of institution to the Federal University of Oye Ekiti (FUOYE). He must have heard from a brother or sister that the federal-owned university is accepting less than 180 from her aspirants. He wanted to try his luck with 167.

This guy was one of the thousands who were rushing to change their institutions to the university for the old fact that they accept 150 and above.

And after receiving a few other calls from admission seekers on the same issue, I thought I must clear the air on this.

Note that I have earlier released some posts to guide people out of these kinds of mess. I don’t want you to repeat the mistakes your brothers and sisters made. And to be forewarned, they do say, is to be forearmed.

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Is FUOYE Accepting 150 and Above Cut-Off Mark?

The answer to this is NO.

You may argue this if you had a brother who was given admission into the university about three or four years ago.

You’re right.

But that was in the past!

Let me remind you that FUOYE was then newly established. They needed candidates to fill up their departments. Hence, they lowered their guard so more applicants with lower marks could come for them.

They had bonus years in those days but not now.

But JAMB Ordered Universities to Accept 160

Yes and No!

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I know you need explanations on that.

It’s true that JAMB asked our public universities to accept 160. But it’s not as you’re reading or hearing it.

I had explained that in my post “ JAMB National Cut Off Marks: Will All Universities and Others Accept it?”. But to help further here. Let’s see the statement as released by the admission body.

The 19th Policy Meeting on Admissions to Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria has approved 160 and above as the national minimum benchmark for admission for the year into public universities.

Source: The Punch

Now, take note of the phrase “minimum benchmark” and “and above”.

The “minimum benchmark” means greater than or equal to (≥). That is, those universities are not allowed to take less than 160 but they can consider any mark above for their standard.

The “and above” means that the universities may consider anything higher than 160 if they want.

Now, how did you understand it as “all universities must accept 160?”

The problem with most of us is that we don’t even read and understand what the news is saying; we only understand what we want them to say.

Will FUOYE Accept Less than 180 then?

Since they are still allowed to accept 160 if they want, won’t they consider 160 or a few marks above?

The answer to your question is not that straightforward. But I must be frank with you. This university has got to a level where they can’t accept less than 180. And that 180 may not work well for more competitive courses.

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If I’m not wrong, the university was the 4th most chosen university in the 2018. Why will they go back to the era of 150 and above cut off mark?

The secrete that denied thousands of their last admission seekers was that a majority of them has changed to the university before the management released her official cut off marks. They followed the 150 general cut off mark announced.

Disappointingly, the cut off marks sent most candidates off the bay. Show me that candidate, in the 2018 admission year into FUOYE, who scored less than 180.

I’m sure none.

A few candidates I produced last year scored more than 250 before they could be offered courses like Microbiology, Mass Communication and the likes.

Most candidates between 200 and 220 ended up changing to education courses such as Chemistry Education, Mathematics Education before being offered spaces.

The university eventually took the cut-off marks page off their website when they realised candidates were nagging. They returned the score back to 150 for all courses. But within them, they knew what they wanted to do. And that’s was why they didn’t offer anybody below 180 their admissions eventually.

If you should ask me where are the latest departmental cut-off marks, check, FUOYE Post UTME Cut-Off Marks for Different Courses/Departments.

What Can You Do Now?

My advice for you is to stick to the cut off marks they released. That will keep you on the saver side. Don’t chase the university blindly.

And don’t forget. You’re not writing entrance exams (post UTME test) through which you can possibly prove yourself. The university will only consider candidates with higher JAMB score and competitive O’level grades. Note also that your As and Bs must be from 5 relevant SSCE subjects with your proposed course.

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If this is not the right market for you, try other universities who may be accepting lower UTME scores.

Best of luck!

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