If I Upload O’level Result Late: Will I Be Offered Admission?

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A few admission seekers realized so late that they had to upload their O’level results to the JAMB portal. Some thought they had done that during UTME registrations. But they later found out that the CBT centre didn’t upload for them. Some returned to CBT centres, where they were told the upload was successful. Yet, they checked CAPS later to realize they’re still having ARs all through in their grades.

They finally uploaded and it appeared but it was already after their proposed schools had started releasing admission lists.

Here is what I meant.
  1. Candidates must, under normal circumstances, upload their O’level results before their schools start releasing admission lists.
  2. This is the only way a candidate will be confident that his name will be out if he merits the offer.
  3. Where a candidate fails to upload his SSCE result to the JAMB portal, he should not be on the lookout for an admission offer through JAMB.

But if uploaded late, after a list has been released, will the school still offer him admission? 
This is what this post must answer.

If You Upload O’level Results Late, JAMB and Schools Will Still Offer You Admission.

Really, I had warned you earlier you must upload your results on time. Yet, it’s possible that if you do it late, you will still be offered admission provided you merit the admission.

To get this clear, let’s see how things work for admission.
  1. Schools will compile the list of candidates to be offered admission.
  2. They will send it to JAMB for verification. This is when your JAMB CAPS will change to Admission in Progress. Check Back Later.
  3. Then, after verification, JAMB will offer you admission. This is when you have to accept or reject the offer.
  4. Then, you’re to print the JAMB admission letter and original JAMB result.

Let’s see what happened if you’ve not uploaded your O’lvel result but the school has sent your name to JAMB for verification.
  1. JAMB will check your JAMB CAPS to see if the O’level has been uploaded.
  2. If it’s not there, they will withhold your admission status message. The space for the school to offer you admission and the course will be empty (blank).
  3. This will remain the same until you go and upload the results. As soon as you upload, they will show your admission status message in a few hours. Then you can accept or reject it.

  1. A school might have offered you admission on the school portal, yet JAMB has not offered you. This could be the reason. So, confirm if you’re CAPS us still missing the O’level result.
  2. Uploading O’level results, very late, doesn’t stop a school from offering you admission on the school portal. It will only affect your status on the JAMB portal. Schools only warn you to do that so that you will not miss the admission on the JAMB portal and to get your JAMB admission letter handy.
  3. Uploading the result late on the JAMB portal is not the reason why your school has not offered you admission. The school will still offer you admission notwithstanding. But it may be the reason JAMB has not offered you admission.
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