ICAN: Answers to Students’ Questions on Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria


As ICAN continually gains recognition among students and organizations, you may want to find quick answers to your heart-troubling questions.

Read the post below as a quick guide to ICAN exams and as a body.

1. What is ICAN?

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) is a professional accountancy body in Nigeria. It is one of the two professional accountancy associations with regulatory authority in Nigeria, the other being the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN)

ICAN’s mission is to Produce World-Class Chartered Accountants, Regulate and Continuously Enhance Their Ethical Standards and Technical Competence in the Public Interest.

2. What are the examinations conducted by ICAN?

The Institute organizes two (2) examinations
  • Accounting Technicians Scheme (ATS)
  • The Institute’s Professional Examinations

    3. What are the possible memberships of ICAN I can apply for?

    There are the student membership classes, namely:
      • Associate Member (ACA)
      • Fellow Member (FCA)
      • Registered Accountants (RA)

        4. Why do I need ICAN?

        The reason for this is not far-fetched. Accountancy is a viable option for people wishing to enter the job market upon qualification.  It holds the allure of self-employment for dedicated and hardworking men and women.  
        To become an effective accountant and a professional, one needs to become a Chartered Accountant.  The only way to become a Chartered Accountant in Nigeria is through the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, (ICAN).  The steps necessary and the options available to become students or members are stated below.

        5. What are the academic requirements to become ICAN student or member?

        1. In order to register as a student with the Institute, an applicant must hold a qualification not below University degree or its equivalent.
        2. The Council has accepted the following qualifications for the purpose of entry requirements:
        READ MORE  ICAN Admission Requirements and Guidelines for ATS, PE, Fellow and Associate Members

          6. What requirements are needed for ICAN ATS?

          1. Five (5) credit passes including English Language and Mathematics in the West African School Certificate Examination, General Certificate of Education or Senior Secondary Certificate Examination in not more than two sittings.
          2. Ordinary National Diploma of any Polytechnic recognized by the Council of the Institute.
          3. National Certificate of Education (NCE) from any College of Education.
          4. Any other relevant qualification approved by the Institute.

            See the procedures to applying for ATSWS membership.

            7. What is the registration links for ICAN membership?

            To register for professional membership, click here.

            For ATS registration, click here.

            8. What are the exemptions available to ICAN professional exams and ATS students?

            For professional members, click here to see the guidelines

            Click here to see updated courses, qualifications, level of exemptions and fee applicable.

            9. As a graduate of Accounting what level of ICAN exams do I start from?

            Final Professional exams…

            But only if you’re a graduate from an accredited institution.

            You will find ICAN Mutual Cooperation Agreement with Higher Institutions helpful to know if your school is an accredited institution.

            10. Where can I get ICAN or ATS study pack or syllabus?

            Check the official page for ATS pack directly on ICAN website.

            Do you still have another question, drop it in the comment section below.

            Before then, check if it has been covered in the complete guide to registering for ATS, PE, Fellow and Associate Membership of ICAN.

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