I Accepted Last Admission, Will I Be Admitted Again?

You Will Be Offered Admission With a Different Profile
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This is a serious case. A few readers had been asking if they accept admission a year, will they still be offered spaces if they write JAMB UTME again. That is – after accepting the last admission will you be offered a new year admission?

Let me break this down.

Let’s say you’re offered admission last year. But you’re not satisfied with the course given or you want to try a better/another course in the new admission year, won’t you be deprived of the admission if CAPS shows you’d already accepted admission in the previous year?

There’s a Problem if Admission Already Accepted the last Year Admission

Candidates are having problems gaining new admission because they’d already accepted the offer on CAPS once.

Let me share an experience with you to start with. 
One candidate was offered admission by a college of education last year. Because of his parents’ displeasure with education, he was convinced to write this year UTME.

After he had scored 275 in the new JAMB, he processed the admission into the University of Ibadan. He passed the school post UTME as well.

However, he was not offered admission still. His colleagues with lower aggregate had been offered admissions.

Checking at his admission status on JAMB CAPS, he still saw the college of education that offered him admission last year. He’d hope this should have changed to the University of Ibadan. For months, nothing changed.

So what happened?

Below was what happened.

The guy had used the same profile he used last year for this year’s UTME too. In other words, since JAMB says, you can use your last profile for the current year UTME registration, he did just that.

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But the result was – all the details in the last profile would remain the same for this year. These details include the date of birth, state, local government, gender, etc. The same is applicable to the school that offered him admission last year.

The Purpose of JAMB CAPS is to Discourage Double Admissions

The very reason JAMB was established is to administer the admissions processes and disallow a candidate from being offered two or more admissions in a year while others are still left home unfavored.

As a result, if you’d been offered admission by a school and accepted that on CAPS, you won’t be offered admission through the same profile again unless you follow this guide.

In other words, if you use the same profile for last year, you may be out of luck for a new admission since you’d already accepted the offer of one school.

You Will Be Offered Admission With a Different Profile

With the explanation above, you’ll agree with me that you will still be offered admission to another school if you just create a new profile in order to apply for the new UTME.

Even though JAMB encourages using the last profile for the new admission, there is no offense of any kind if you choose to create another one.

In fact, I encourage you to create a new one to avoid a series of confusion we witnessed in the previous admission exercises.

This will also be the best for candidates who had got admissions to a school but wished to try another JAMB UTME to another school (or for another course in the same institution).

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If you do, be rest assured that, you won’t have any problem being offered admission by another institution because you’re already in one school or you accepted an offer last year.

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