How to Upgrade UTME to DE For ND/NCE/JUPEB/IJMB/HND/Bsc/RN Holders

Do I have Obtain DE form After UTME Result?
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It seems every DE applicant is now convinced that they won’t be able to register both DE and UTME together for the same admission year. With that, they now look up to the upgrading of their UTME applications to DE. But how do you do that?
Let me break things down.

Are you aware that because JAMB has discontinued allowing candidates to register for UTME and Direct Entry in the same year, the body has given another opportunity – which is called the upgrade of UTME to DE?

If no, there you have it. And see things clearly below.

Officially, JAMB has warned prospective admission seekers to avoid obtaining the two forms together. Hence, if you think you want to take advantage of both UTME and DE, you can just upgrade. However, the upgrading is only allowed for those who had already registered for UTME and at the same time already had ND, NCE, HND, BSC, RN or RM, IJMB, JUPEB, etc. See the differences among these qualifications.

If you want to try your luck with Direct Entry through the upgrading, you’ve agreed to forgo the UTME admission and chase DE admission instead.

If you’re satisfied with that condition, below is the step by step guide to upgrading your UTME application to DE. 

Before then, let get some things rightly.

Do I have to Register for UTME and Upgrade it Immediately?


Under normal circumstances, you are to firstly write UTME and see your result. If the result is fine enough to compete for the admission of your proposed school and course through UTME, there may not be the need to upgrade.

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If however, things are not fine, you may take advantage of upgrading if you’re qualified – that is you. 

Also, even if you register UTME without sitting for the exams, you can still upgrade to DE.

Do I have to Obtain DE form After UTME Result?


As a matter of fact, JAMB UTME and DE form will close the same date. Hence, people register for UTME and DE at the same time (within the same grace period).

If you want to upgrade, you don’t need to obtain DE form again (as it must have closed the same time as UTME). What you need to do is to walk into any nearest JAMB office and request for UTME to DE upgrading registration.

Can I Do Upgrading at Café and CBT Centre?


Only JAMB offices are currently allowed to upgrade JAMB UTME to Direct Entry for applicants.

Candidates are expected to visit the JAMB branch him/herself with evidence of his/her UTME registration and UTME result (if available). He/she should be able to give genuine reason(s) for the upgrade. You will be asked!

If convinced, the officials will upgrade for you. And it’s free.

Will I be able to Upgrade If I Register UTME but Didn’t Write the Exams?

Yes. I’d mentioned this earlier.

It’s possible that you registered for UTME but didn’t write the exams.

Fine, to qualify for DE registration, you’re already a holder of NCE, ND, HND, Bsc, RN, etc. So, you may just obtain the UTME form but then later change your mind.

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If that happens, you can just go ahead and upgrade it to Direct entry – which you’re, of course, qualified for.

The answer is YES.

You don’t necessarily have to write UTME before you can convert that to DE. What matters is to have an existing UTME account (for the year).

If I Convert, Will I Still be Offered Admission through UTME?


I’ve said that, once you convert UTME to DE, you’ve just waved bye to the UTME admission and ready to focus on Direct Entry instead.

If you’re not totally convinced of what you want to do, you may still retain your UTME application and forget about upgrading.

Procedures to Follow to Upgrade UTME to DE

Follow the following steps to upgrade UTME to DE:
  1. Visit any JAMB office closer to you with your UTME registration slip/result, ND/NCE/JUPEB/IJMB/HND/Bsc result/certificate.
  2. You can only take step one after booking appoint as lately required of candidates
  3. To book an appointment, dial *55019# and follow the prompted instructions secure date and time to visit a JAMB office around. See more on this here.
  4. Tell them you’ve come for UTME to DE upgrading
  5. After an interaction, they will effect this change for you FREE.

Henceforth, your admission and profile will be for Direct Entry instead of UTME.
Best of luck!
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