How to Solve the 3 Types of Questions in JAMB UTME

UTME questions are tough and that’s why we still have very many students left behind when admission exercise is over each year. But how did those who got their ways to campuses make it?

That’s the question I’m here to answer.

I have suggested several ways out of possible challenges while preparing for JAMB in the past. Check out the posts below. I’ve got a lot of THANK YOU from people who read them.

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Now, let’s see the forms your JAMB questions will take and how people like me and many other successful candidates had their ways through.

Before then, be informed that JAMB reserves the right to grade candidates the way they deem fit. Candidates should commit to minds that JAMB score each subject differently. Hence, if you give attention to the more rewarding questions, you’re sure to win higher marks than those who just dabble into things.

I suggest you learn how JAMB marks their subjects in this post.

3 Question Types in JAMB UTME

For UTME, candidates are given:

  • Bonus Questions
  • 50/50 Questions
  • God’s Questions

1. Bonus Questions 

I call these bonus questions because they are simpler ones you can ever have. Your English and other subjects will contain a few of these types of questions.

They are taken from areas you have been tested for almost all your years since senior class 1. You already know these questions because they have the rules that guide them and those rules never changed.

For example in English,
The man prefers being a local government chairman ……. a state representative.

Even without any option given, 90% of exam takers will fill in the gap with “to”.

Attempting Bonus Questions

These set of questions are bonus questions. You can literarily answer them even in your dreams.

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If you study the past JAMB series, you will notice that English will have around 30 of such questions, and each of the other three subjects will have around 15.

These set of questions save you a lot of time. You don’t have to sweat before picking the right choices.

I’m speaking from experience and if you’re committed like I was and many other students, you should by now get this picture.

2. 50/50 Questions

I call these 50/50 questions because they are easy too but cause some confusion.

For example, you’re given a question. You know quite well that options A and C are not the answers. The correct answer is between B and D.

If you’ve studied well, you’d notice 55 of 100 English questions are like this and 30 of 50 in the other subjects are 50/50.

These kinds of questions can waste your time if you don’t know how to get around them. We’ll see how shortly.

3. God’s Questions

These are called God’s questions. Why? No matter how brilliant you’re or to what extent you’ve prepared for JAMB, you won’t still know the answers.

Very many questions are like this in UTME. In fact, if you’d treated some past questions using JAMB series, checking for the answers at the back of your packs, they may empty the answer or write, “no answer”, “all options are wrong” “A or B” etc

It will be silly, indeed, trying to beat yourself on what you don’t know.

So what do you do about this?

How to Handle Each of the 3 Question Types

Attempting Bonus Questions

Bonus questions are straight forward. But I have something important to share on them.

As soon as you start your exams, you should first look for all these bonus questions in your English and the other three subjects. In other words, attempt all bonus questions first.

Thank God you can move from one subject to the other even if you have not completed one. You can skip questions you find difficult and go to the easier ones.

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I have detailed how-to self-train yourself for JAMB CBT here. Check it.

Attempting all your bonus questions will save you a lot of time. For instance, if you have an average of one minute per question, you can answer a bonus question within 20 seconds. That means you‘ve saved 40 seconds that will be used on more difficult questions.

Attempting 50/50 Questions

Remember that 50/50 questions only get you confused. You know A and C are wrong, you have to look for the right answer between B and D.

You need time to ponder on these two options to pick the right one. Then, you can use the saved times you accrued from the bonus questions.

Attempting 50/50 Questions

If you have one minute for each question, it means you will be able to spend 1 minute and 40 secs on your 50/50 questions. With this, you should be able to get enough time to come out with the final and right choice.

This set of questions should be attempted (returned to) after you’re done with bonus questions.

Attempting God’s Questions

This is a bit difficult. We all know you don’t know the answers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t answer them. In fact, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attempt them.

You must have heard a series of misinformation. An example is what people call negative marking. They say if you don’t know a question in UTME, don’t do it. They warn you that JAMB removes what you miss from what you get. This is not true.

JAMB doesn’t use negative marking – in short. If you miss something, you lose it and it won’t affect what you’d already got.

Attempting God’s Questions

So, how do you answer your God’s questions?

In the example above, English – your bonus questions are 30, the 50/50 are 55. So, the God’s questions will be 15.

If my calculation is correct, you’d already got 85 marks out of 100. That’s really great!
This is my suggestion for the 15 God’s questions. Choose the same option for all. For me, I loved choosing A all through. Some choose B, C or D.

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This is strange!

I know it is, but it works.


Take your JAMB past questions and treat one subject/year following this guide. When you get to the God’s questions, take the same option as suggested here.

Now check the answer to those questions at the back of the series. You’re likely going to get 7 or more correct out of the 15.

What if you get less?

You see, it will be better to score 1 over 15 than to leave the questions undone because you don’t know it. Remember some candidates won’t meet up with their universities’ cut off marks because they get 199. Those are the candidates that will value 1 mark.

And if you missed all the 15, you had still done well with 85/100 and by not leaving the other 15 unattempted in the first place.

Those who are embarking on a journey should ask their ways form those who have just returned from the same journey.

Final Note

I share with you how I wrote my UTME only once. This same guide I’ve recommended for hundreds of students who made it to their universities today. You can also do that if you follow the guide here. Note that there is a difference between being academically brilliant and being smart with exams. This I discussed with you is the art of being smart with exams.

Best of luck!

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