How to Print NYSC Call-Up Letters. Step by Step Guide


You’ve earlier completed your NYSC mobilization registration. You’ve to wait until the announced date by the body in order to print your call-up letter. That’s the procedure.

NYSC Time-Table for Batch A, B, C (Official and Updated)

Is it time to print? Then, you must follow the steps below in order to have your NYSC posting letter handy.

Here is the NYSC dashboard. Click on “Print Call Up Letter”

Before we proceed, you have to note that the Call-Up letter is different from NYSC Green Card. While the latter is just the acknowledgment of your completed registration, the former is the official letter that gives/shows the state you’re posted to. A call-up letter will detail all necessary information needed at camp and the state of posting.

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Steps to Print NYSC Call-Up Letters

Below are the steps to print your call-up letter.

  1. Visit the NYSC login page
  2. Enter your email and password (used during the registration), then log in
  3. You’ll be on your dashboard by now. There, you will see the option to print the green card at the top and call-up letter below
  4. Click on the “Print Call Up Letter” to download and print it
This is a sample of NYSC call up letters


  1. You may need to have a PDF reader (adobe reader) installed on your device (phone or computer) before you can download and print your letter.
  2. A call-up letter (like the green card) must be printed in color to show the clarity and originality of your documents.
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