How to Gain Admission into University of Ibadan (UI): A – Z Guide

UI Admission Complete Guide: For UTME, DE, Cambridge Advanced Level Applicants
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When a school is consistently ranked number 1 university in a country, it can be so demanding to win a seat in her classroom. Such is the case of the premier university in the ancient city of Ibadan. The University of Ibadan is well sought after not only by Nigerians but also thousands of foreign applicants.

This, hence, is posing a serious challenge for thousands of candidates seeking to occupy a few yearly spaces in the university. In 2016 and 2017, only 3,502 and 3,783 candidates were considered for admissions out of thousands competing for admission spaces.

You therefore need to know how those few succeeded.

It’s no magic, it’s all about following the well-known steps. In fact, admission to the university is the easiest I known in Nigeria. But if you keep doing your things the wrong ways, you can remain out of luck for long time.

Matriculated students of the University of Ibadan
Matriculated students of the University of Ibadan

If you’ve been following the series, I recently covered University of Ilorin and University of Benin among others.

My experiences as a respected education consultant had really helped in presenting something unique for all admission seekers about various schools.

Without further ado, let’s take you on a trip to the University of Ibadan. Before then, a quick look at what to cover:

  1. Know and Have Required O’level (SSCE) Results
  2. Obtain JAMB Form in Favour of UI
  3. Register for and Write UI Post-UTME
  4. Direct Entry Admission to University of Ibadan
  5. UI Admission through Cambridge Advanced Programmes
  6. Gain Admission to UI through Connection or Influence
  7. How UI Distribute Admission Spaces among Applicants

1. Ensure Your O’level; SSCE, WAEC, NECO, NABTEB are Complete

First and foremost, hope you’re set for admission with your O’level results? by this I mean, do you already have 5 required grades in your relevant SSCE, WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB?

That question may sound rhetorical but I must warn you that without 5 relevant O’level results, you’re going no where for admission.

Studying JAMB brochure (as I will be covering that below) will guide you as to what subject you must have credit or pass for a particular course.

Using Awaiting Results

You can also use awaiting results to seek admission to UI provided the results will be out or available before the school’s post UTME. This means if you’re in SS 3 or you’re still yet to have complete O’level, you can fill in awaiting results for your O’level during UTME registration at CBT centre.

Note that, immediately your O’level result is released and it’s complete, you have to go back to CBT to scan and upload it to JAMB portal. This may attract additional charge!

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Generally, you’ll need at least 5 credit passes in relevant subjects in one in sitting before you can apply. This means some courses requires you to use ONLY ONE SITTING e.g Medicine and you can use two sittings some others e.g Chemistry. Brochure is your best bet for this.

However, where the University of Ibadan accepts two sitting, they ask for at least 6 credits instead.

Take not of this

The university of Ibadan Entrance
The university of Ibadan Entrance

2. Obtain JAMB Form in Favour of UI

Needless to say, you must obtain JAMB UTME form for the current admission.

Don’t join the league of admission seekers who believed they could use the old JAMB UTME results for the new admission year.


No mater how good your last score was, it’s gone and to compete again this year, obtain another UTME.

Choose University of Ibadan as First Choice 

Thanks to the new JAMB method, there’s no way you can choose UI as the second choice university and if you care to know why, I will tell you.

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As earlier said, thousands are competing for few spaces. UI couldn’t afford to take-in all her first choice candidates, why would she be looking for second choice candidates?

You know this now.

Choosing a Course 

Then you must choose a course. A candidate can only take a course for every institution during UTME registration. But is there anything special about choosing course?

Yes, there is, especially for the premire university of Ibadan.

You will need a brochure to guide you on choosing courses. Studying and understanding brochure will safe you some silly embarrassments.

  • First, you’ll be able to know if the course you’re interested in is available in the university.
  • Second, you’ll know the O’level requirements for your course. 
  • Third, you’ll know the right subject combination in your UTME. Finally, you’ll know the special considerations (waiver) remarks of your school as it affects your proposed course.

Believe me, if you need a JAMB brochure, I’m here.

My experiences in the last ten years sometimes, make me feel like I know everything. Yet, I don’t.

Only JAMB brochure truly does.

I still study brochure each time I must advise any clients. Then why won’t you?

Unfortunately, JAMB is no longer providing paper brochure and it’s disappointing. More disappointingly, you’ll only be given the CD type, right after you’d completed the registration. Then, for what purpose is the CD given? Where you can get CD from a brother or sister, you may not have a computer to read it.

Sorry dude but JAMB still gets you covered by providing her official brochure on her page here. In other words, you can study the brochure online or download to study.

Use Eligibility Tool by JAMB

I love it when JAMB gives candidates who doesn’t want to study brochure or don’t know how to study it another channel to check of they qualify for school and the course in that school. It’s awesome.

Follow the guide in the post above and you will love what the result is going to be.

I need to lay emphasis on studying brochure or checking your eligibility because, once you fail here, you fail in all. JAMB brochure will equally let you know:

  • General requirements for your course. This area will let you know what you need in O’level results and UTME subjects to write in exams to study your proposed course for any schools at all.
  • Special considerations is that part of the brochure that will explain what additions or subtractions your own school wants other than general requirements.

Meanwhile, I had got to know that majority of applicants only read the general requirements, which are just basics. Whereas, in ALL cases, special considerations (waiver) remarks are MUCH MORE important.

For example, to study Geology at any university, the general requirements says, “Any three (3) of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology and Geography” for UTME subject combination. This means you can do any 3 of the subjects listed above plus English (which is constant).

However, the special consideration says, “University of Ibadan does not accept Geography as UTME subject).

Do you now see why special consideration is more important?

I cited the example above because a client of mine had once fell a victim. But UI was very motherly to get back to him on phone. They let him know that, though he did well in both UTME and post-UTME but in order not to forfeit the admission, he should consider Geography as a course. The young man ended up in the Geography Department at the end of the day.

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3. Register for and Write UI Post-UTME

The UTME score required to take part in the post UTME of the University of Ibadan is 200 or above.

In other words, if you score less than 200, forget UI admission. You should consider change of institutions to other schools considering less than 200.

Now with 200 or above, you’ll register for the university Post UTME following instructions on their application portal.

candidates at University of Ibadan CBT Post UTME
Candidates at University of Ibadan CBT Post UTME

UI, like UNIBEN, takes instructions serious. If you don’t get things on your own, consider using an experienced café.

Some points to note here: UI only accepts white background passport photo, signature on pure white paper, well-scanned O’level (Don’t snap with your phone camera – Mr. Arsene Wenger).

UI Post UTME Past Questions Pack

UI post UTME past questions will be available for you to download on your admission portal immediately after your registration. There’s no need searching for past questions on the internet.

Study this and any other available materials.

On your exams schedule, write your post UTME which is computer-based. UI only tests candidates based on their UTME subject combination. In other words, your own post UTME questions will cover subject list you did in UTME.

Calculating UI Post UTME Aggregate Score

The average pass mark for UI post UTME is 50% or above. You must have at least 50% before you can hope for admission, even though 50% doesn’t guarantee admission for some courses.

Next, calculate your aggregate score and match it with your departmental cut-off mark.

Here is the picture:

Aggregate Score = (UTME Score/8) + (Post UTME Score/2).

Note that aggregate score is the real deal.

Your UTME score or performance in UTME or performance in PUTME may be wasted if your aggregate is not convincing. Also, aggregate scores change from year to year.

As a basis for judgement, you can see previous year aggregate score here.

Once you meet or beat the aggregate score, you’re a champion. UI is more transparent about her admission and I had worked with them for years.

Direct Entry Admission to University of Ibadan

This is another area of attention.

Direct entry candidates are students who had completed their Bsc, HND, ND, NCE, IJMB, JUPEB, Cambridge A’level etc and wished to continue to their courses or related courses at any university of their choices; but this time to 200 or 300 level (as the case may be).

This section doesn’t concerns you if you don’t belong to this category of applicants.

First, to seek direct entry admission to UI, you must obtain JAMB direct entry form for the current year. The form is usually sold the same time UTME candidates are obtaining form too. It’s in the past that DE form would come out after UTME had closed.

You will also register at any available CBT centres nationwide.

While registering, take UI as the first choice and it doesn’t matter who you choose as second choice.

At present, no school is accepting second choice applicants. Yet you can take any other school temporarily as you may need to bring such to first choice in case UI fails to offer you a space.

NOTE: You only have two choices in DE registration unlike UTME who can choose four institutions (but not universities for all).

Direct Entry Candidates Applying With Awaiting Results (AR): What You Must Know

Register for UI Post DE

You will also register for UI post-DE, the same time with UTME applicants or a a few days apart.

You’ll need to submit a copy of your credentials (print-out as well) to the UI admission office for offline processing. Direct entry applicants are equally advised to send their qualification transcripts to the UI admission office.

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Now, you go home and wait for admission list. Direct entries don’t write post DE exams as at the time of this post.

Special Admission for DE Applicants 

Experience has shown that UI loves to accept direct entry applicants from federal polytechnics, federal colleges of education, Cambridge A’level; especially for the University of Ibadan International School.

State institutions graduates with very convincing grades may have equal chance. I advise you still visit the school admission office, if you have anything difficult to understand.

Admission to UI through Connection or Influence

If you’ve been reading all to this stage because you need connection or influenced admission channels to UI, sorry to have wasted your time.

First, I’m not an advocate of short-cuts.

Second, UI admission is more based on merit (I’m not saying “no influence”).

Before you attack me, why would you need a lecturer’s number if you had already done things right?

Once your aggregate score equates or beats the one set for your department (and also done others things right), even the Vice Chancellor can’t deny you admission without being ready for a lawsuit.

That takes me to the next section – how the university gives admission to candidates.

How UI Distribute Admission Spaces among Applicants

Like most federal universities (if not all), UI usually bites more than she can chew. Imagine selecting only 3,783 out of 56,172 admission seekers in 2017. What percentage is that?

Then who won, who lost?

UI follows the 45, 35, 20 principles like their federal counterparts.

By this, it means the university will give admission to 45% on merit, 35% based on catchment areas and 20% based on less-educated states.

This doesn’t mean admission given to catchment areas and less educated states is not on merit.

No!. It only means, the aggregate mark to be considered for (35%) catchment areas will be less than merit and (20%) less educated will be lesser.

The university’s last year aggregate score page also details this. See it yourself here.

UI doesn’t have any catchment area though. Hence states in Nigeria are their catchment areas. these is why Usman Saheed, a blogger called them “no man’s land”

Their Less educated states are majorly from northern parts of the country.

Scholarships for your Handwork 

Do you know you can be given scholarship to study a course of choice at the University if you …

  • choose the university
  • pass UTME and proceed to post UTME
  • and most importantly, pass her post UTME such that you come first, second or third.

Yes you heard me… the first three overall best students in the university post UTME test are awarded this “scholarship” to study free at the university.


When I started this series, my object was to focus on admission seekers on merit. You’re only fortunately if you belong to the less educated states.

When I said “I guarantee your admission”, you’d said “wow, is he the registrar?

Do I have to be one before I can vouch for a school very opened, motherly and approachable about her admission processing.

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