How to Do JAMB Regularization For DE, HND and NYSC

How to regularise admission


You may not have heard about JAMB regularization exercise until you finally need it or fall victim to the need for its registration.

Hence, I want to believe you’re on this page in order to find answers to any of the following questions.

  1. What is JAMB regularization?
  2. Is it compulsory to do it?
  3. How do I go about applying for it?
  4. What is the portal or website to do it?
  5. Does it involve a Biometric/fingerprint?
  6. What is the closing date?
  7. How much is it?
  8. Can it be done at a café or I must go to a JAMB office or CBT centre?
  9. After the registration what next?

And more…

I will love to be brief with my explanation, yet you need to be patient where necessary as to get this in detail.

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What is JAMB Regularization, Is it Important?

This is an exercise by the Joint Admission Matriculation Board to provide solutions to issues involved in the students’ admissions. These issues may likely hinder such candidates from furthering their studies or proceed to NYSC. And this is the medium through which JAMB comes in to help.


Let’s view these scenarios

Scenario 1: A student was given admission to a polytechnic through the daily part-time program. This DPT doesn’t require UTME results from applicants. Hence, admitted candidates for such programs can skip UTME.

Scenario 2: A student of a college of education was given admission through the pre-NCE program. Such a student moves to 100 level of his course and completes her NCE. All these he does without writing UTME.

Here is where issues arise!

The two students above, after completing their ND or NCE program, now want to proceed to universities through JAMB direct entry form.

Direct entry applicants don’t require writing UTME though, yet they need to pass through JAMB as the body in charge of Nigeria admission administration.

Whereas, JAMB needs your details with them for 100 level admission in order to provide you future admissions.

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Don’t forget these applicants didn’t write UTME in the first place.

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This is where JAMB regularization comes in.

Such applicants don’t have any details with JAMB. Hence, they will have to register for JAMB regularization to:

  1. provide their information for JAMB such that they can be recognized as students being given admission through JAMB
  2. re-activate their details with JAMB (if any)
  3. be given an assigned JAMB registration number which they will need to do things like printing of JAMB admission letter (for future reference), NYSC mobilization purpose after their degree, etc.

Scenario 3: Those candidates who wrote JAMB in their years of admission but were not given admission through such JAMB result, will also be required to do JAMB regularization.

Scenario 4: Those candidates given admissions through JAMB result but not given the same course selected in UTME (admission years before 2017) will equally do JAMB regularization. Those from 2017 to date will only do the change of course.

Who Must Do JAMB Regularization?

With reference to the scenarios above, the following candidates will be required to do JAMB regularization:

  1. Direct Entry applicants – These students who had been given admission to their previous programs without JAMB or fall to any of the cases above will be required to do JAMB regularization before they proceed to JAMB CBT center for their direct entry form application.
  2. HND Students: There two conditions for which HND students can be asked to do it.
  • First, before being given HND admission, the school asks you to do it in order not to delay you for NYSC because you will need your JAMB registration number for NYSC. 
  • Second, some schools may wait till you’re graduated and ask you to do regularization in order to be mobilized for national service.

    Processes To Apply for JAMB Regularization

    Step 1:
    Visit internet café or JAMB CBT centre. Here, they will initiate your registration. Applicants will be required to choose one of the two options below.

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      Did you write JAMB in the year of Admission?

        • If yes, your JAMB regularization will be done onto the JAMB registration number you provide from your then JAMB result. In order words, you will provide the JAMB registration number for the old result, then the café will register you for that number.  
        • If no, the café will register you afresh so JAMB later assigns you a new registration number. In this case, you will have to wait for JAMB to send such a new number to your email provided during the regularization application.
        • Note that – the result doesn’t necessarily mean to be a higher score. All you need is the registration number. In this case, when JAMB approves your regularization, it’s your old JAMB registration number and details they will activate for you.

            If you’re Offered Another Course than the one you chose in UTME?

            • This where cafe select the option, “Change of Admission Letter”
            • You will supply your old JAMB registration number and you will apply for the regularization based on the reason that the course given to you was different from the one selected in UTME.

            During the registration, you will be asked to fill details about yourself, the school of admission, the provost or registrar name, his phone number, his email, etc.

            Step 2:

            • After your application is completed, the café should print your confirmation slip for you in color.
            • Take this print-out to your school – where you did your NCE, ND or Diploma.
            • The school will sign it and send it to the JAMB office themselves or give you another with it to be submitted by you.

            After some days or weeks, JAMB will send you an email to confirm they have approved your regularization.

            Step 3
            Now you can print your JAMB admission letter as evidence of your admission. JAMB admission letter is still N1,000 at the time of this writing.

            You now have your details with JAMB which you will need for future reference.

            Your JAMB registration number can be used to proceed for your Direct Entry registration, HND program and NYSC mobilization purpose.

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            Quick Questions and Answers on JAMB Regularization

            Will I be sent PIN after completing my JAMB regularization?
            It’s not PIN you’re expecting, it’s a fresh JAMB registration number if you didn’t fill any during the application.

            If you supplied a previous registration number during the application, you only wait for a confirmation message for the approval.

            What is the website for JAMB regularization?
            You will need to visit

            Then, you will need to first create a JAMB profile before you fill JAMB regularization. This can be done at a Café or CBT center.

            What is the closing date or deadline for JAMB regularization?

            It doesn’t end or close. This is because it is a continuous exercise across the year.

            You can register anytime.

            How much is JAMB regularization?
            The official price is N5,000.

            You also need to be aware that an internet café or CBT centre will charge you for their services.

            Does it Involve Biometric or fingerprint taking?

            But you will need your SSCE results and passport photo.

            If there are errors or mistakes during the registration how do I correct them?
            You can’t correct any mistakes.

            Make sure you’re careful and watchful when the registration is ongoing.

            Pay more attention to items such as date of birth, gender, town/city, state, etc.

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