How to Do Change Institutions/Courses Third/More Times

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You must have read that the change of institutions/courses is limited to two times. All candidates should know this by now. But the situation can warrant changing the third time. This poses the question, “Can I be able to change my institution or courses three times or more?”

The straight answer to this is YES. You can now change institutions and/or courses three times. Other changes remain once, however. 

Correction can only be done three times with separate payments

But the long answer should be attentively read as detailed below if you intend to do the changes more than three times.

You must have read elsewhere or in my post, “10 Things to Know About JAMB Change of Data, Institutions and Courses” that you couldn’t do the change of institutions/courses more than two times. That’s true. And what I’m about to explain to you here is equally true.

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Two Situations that may lead you to the changing institutions and/or courses three or more times

There are two cases.

One will allow you to change the third time while the other will limit you to only two times.

1. You have not Been Offered Admission By Any Institution

In this case, you have already changed twice but none of these schools offered you space. Then you wish to change to another school and try your luck with their post UTMEs.

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Sorry for your situation, you can’t change any longer. You’re limited to that last change.

But …

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If by any means, another school gives you admission without choosing them in UTME, you can get your way through with condition #2 below.

Some cases may be dead-end… Others will be resolved with JAMB regularization

2. You have already changed twice and Admission is given, But…

Some candidates fall into certain complex situations. Let’s see these:

You changed twice but the school that gave you admission was in the second choice. And you won’t be able to print the JAMB admission letter because that school is not in the first position.

In order to print the admission letter, you will have to do the change of institutions. But now your two chances had been burnt. What can you do next?

The answer is “Don’t worry about the change of institution yet”. You can do that after you get to the school for freshers’ registration.

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Proceed to the school that offered you admission and explain your situation. The school will instruct you to do JAMB regularization. This is the exercise designed by the body to handle these kinds of issues. Then you can then print your admission letter. Read more details about this below.
Another case is if a school you didn’t choose, at all, gave you admission. That is, the school was not even among your choices. They just gave you admission because you took part in their post UTME  – even without choosing them. Or you didn’t take part in the post UTME/screening, yet they offer you admission. 
In this case, the option you will turn to is the JAMB regularization, as earlier noted.

After completing the regularization, you will take your print slip to the school that offered you admission for signing and stamping. The school will then forward it to JAMB in order to change you to them. The school can also give you a backing letter with it – then you submit it to the JAMB office yourself.

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A sample of Regularization print slip to be signed by the school, then later sent to JAMB office

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Other Special Situations and Solutions

If the Course Given by School is Different from the one by JAMB

Another complex issue is if you’ve been offered admission by a school but the one given by JAMB is different. Then what you must do is change of course on the JAMB portal.

Admitted candidates (before 2017) who had been offered admission by JAMB with different courses other than school’s will not be able to do the change of course rather they’re only left with regularization. This is because they didn’t create a JAMB profile during their own UTME registration like candidates of 2017 and above.

This is the exact advice your school admission officer will give should you talk to one.

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Can’t I just Forget About Regularization and Continue with my Course?

Well, you can but sooner or later, you will be forced to do it.

You will need it when you’re preparing for NYSC. This is because if your JAMB course and school’s course differ, your name will not appear in the JAMB matriculation list until you do the right thing. This is the list that shows whether you’ll be going for service or not.

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With clouded issues students are facing while seeking admission it’s not uncommon to fall victim to one or two situations explained above. If you find yourself here, first talk to the school’s admission office and proceed with JAMB regularization.

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