How to Correct WAEC Names, State/Local Govt

Let’s get this straight. It’s possible to make mistakes in the names, state, or local government filled for your WAEC registration (Be it WAEC exams for school candidates or private candidates). Such errors may come from a candidate, exams officer, or the cafe that registered you for that matter.

But it can be so confusing if you don’t know what to do about such errors.

You may want to know if it’s possible to alter your surname, first name or middle name, state or local government of origin after the submission of your registration online. Some candidates don’t find this alternation necessary until after the release of their results.

Then, the questions are, “what should you do if there’s a mix-up in the names, state or local government used?” “Is there any solution?”

The answer is YES. There’s a solution to that…

First, candidates with a series of issues in WAEC or similar concerns had found my post, “WAEC: Answers to Students’ Questions Before Obtain the Form or Use the Results for Admissions” very helpful. The post addresses more than a dozen candidates’ problems regards WAEC.

Steps to Change Incorrect Names, State/Local Government

And to guide you on how to correct this error, follow the guide as prescribed by WAEC – officially.

Visit the nearest WAEC office to lodge this complaint. They will handle it.

Requirements for Amendment of Names on Certificates (School Candidates) 

  1. Original certificate
  2. Affidavit for correction of Name
  3. Letter from the school principal
  4. Original Birth certificate for sighting and photocopy for submission
  5. Ten thousand naira only (N10,000)
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Requirements for Amendment of Name on Certificates (Private Candidates) 

  1. Original certificate
  2. Affidavit for correction of Name
  3. Original Birth certificate for sighting and photocopy for submission
  4. Attestation Letter for correction of name from the courts or clergy. 
  5. Ten thousand naira only (N10,000)

Similarly, a candidate had an error in the surname.

Please during my registration for waec Gce 2019 mistake was made in my Surname. 22 was added to it instead of Chinye its qas Chinye22. Please how do i change it ???please.

The answer is just the same.

Please, go to the @waecnigeria office nearest to you.

Similar Situations on Corrections of Names

  1. If you’re registering for WAEC GCE and saved your information along the way, you could return to the form, make some editing before final submission. This may not work for the mistakes in names though.
  2. If you’re a school candidate (May/June student), you could talk to your school principal or exams officer. They may prefer to contact the WAEC office for the changes on your behalf.

Why is the Right State/Local Government Important for WAEC Registration

Due to this limited stress, you will be exposed to, you may want to consider giving up on the correction. Kindly understand that using or accepting the wrong ones could be a serious mistake for your future chases, career, etc

In this politically engulfed society, you may want to, in the future, contest for any post which is state/local government-centered. You may be deprived of such a position especially if your opposition finds out your academic record shows another state.

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For employment opportunity too, your state may be used to decide if you’ll be given a space.
Court Affidavit For Errors in Names, State or Local Government of Origin
You must have read elsewhere or heard that you can still use a court affidavit to support your documents in the future if any errors crop in your registrations.

That’s true and it’s working.

But can I advise you?

It’s better you go to WAEC or any exam body involved to correct your errors even at a price than to be backing your errors up with a court affidavit.

Some organizations may deny you the opportunity to use an affidavit even if they don’t tell.

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