How JAMB and Schools Will Admit Applicants in 2021/2022

Admissions: How JAMB and Each School Will Admit UTME/DE Applicants
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One of the reasons most applicants don’t gain admission is the approach to allocating spaces in the institutions they’re proposing. Unless you’re aware of this, you may still be arguing that a school is cheating because a friend that got a lower mark was favoured in the list and you’re thrown out of the box.

Below are the modalities institutions are using to offer admissions. This is in accordance with certain regulations and JAMB directives. And note that all institutions must adhere to this unless they can face the sanctions therefrom.

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All Institutions Must Implementation of Science/Art Ratio

All Institutions are to adhere to the Federal Government’s directive on the ratio of admissions into the different disciplines as indicated below:

  1. Science/Art for conventional Universities and Colleges of Education 60:40. This means in conventional universities and colleges of education (e.g UNILAG, OAU, UNIBEN, etc), 60% of the spaces will go to science candidates while 40% will go to others
  2. Science/Art for Specialized Universities 80:20. This means for specialized universities, perhaps in Agriculture, Technology, etc (FUNAAB, FUTA, FUAM, FUTO, etc), 80% of the spaces will go to science candidates while 20% will go to others
  3. Technology/Non-Technology for Polytechnics and Monotechnics 70:30. This is for the polytechnics generally. While Science applicants are given 70% space, others share the 30% left.

As indicated above, schools will offer admissions based on the ratios of Science, Art, and Social Science applicants. While Science takes the highest space, Art and Commercial applicants are left with few openings. 

These arrangements affect all private, state-owned, and federal institutions nationwide.

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Admission Formula – Merit, Catchment Areas, and ELDS

The Admissions Criteria (Formula) currently in operations for all Federal Government-owned tertiary institutions in the country are as follows:

  1. Merit 45%
  2. Catchment Area 25%
  3. Educationally Less Developed States 20%
  4. 10% to the discretion of the Vice-Chancellor of National Universities Commission

State Government-owned tertiary institutions have similar guidelines based on the Laws establishing them while privately owned institutions have more flexibility with Admissions criteria.

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The case of Merit, Catchment Areas, and Educationally Less Developed States is not new. But in case, you don’t know, for every list a school releases, 45% of them will be dominated by those who meet up with JAMB, SSCE, and Post UTME requirements for their proposed courses, 25 percent will come from the school’s catchment areas and 20% from Educationally Less Developed States. See the full details in, “Understand Catchment Areas, Less Educated States and Merit Admission

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Institutions are advised to adhere to the applicable criteria while admitting candidates as these are being monitored on CAPS – the system through which schools and JAMB will give admissions.

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