Exclusion Letters for NOUN, Part-Time, DLC, and Sandwich Graduates

Sample of Call Up letters
Mr. Opeyemi just called me. He wanted to apply for the NYSC exclusion letter or certificate (as he called it). But he never knew how to go about it. This post will answer the question: how do I apply for NYSC exclusion letters.

Firstly, be reminded that there three documents/awards/certificates NYSC does give out to Nigerian graduates. They are the Discharged certificate, exemption letter, and exclusion letter. I gave a clear difference among them in my post, “NYSC Certificate Differences: Discharged Certificate, Exemption and Exclusion Letters”. You should take a moment to check that.

How to for Apply for NYSC Exclusion Letter (NOUN Graduates and Others)
Are you excluded?

To save you time below is a quick note on each.

  1. A discharged certificate is issued to only the served corps members
  2. An exemption letter is issued to those over-aged graduates (i.e 30 years or above as at the time of mobilization) 
  3. An Exclusion letter is issued to graduates of distance learning, part-time, National Open University (NOUN).

It can pose some confusion if you hear that all Nigerian graduates (local and international students) will follow the same guide to apply for NYSC awards.

With that said, a graduate of NOUN falls to the exclusion category.

Then how do you get that?

How to apply for Exclusion Letter/Certificate

You will follow the same process as those who are meant to serve or exempted. Below is the quick look at the processes.

  1. Your school will send your data to NYSC for uploading it to the NYSC registration portal. This list of graduating students is called the senate list.
  2. You will go for online registration at the same time those who are meant to serve are also registering. You’re to fill exactly the same form (information) except that you won’t be asked to select 4 states of deployment.
  3. After completing the online registration you won’t be given any document (as that is not available for the exclusion candidates). Only those serving will be given the green card.
  4. You will return to print your exclusion letter when those who are to serve are printing their call-up letters.
  5. Note that as at the time of this post exclusion graduates are to print this letter online while served corps are given a discharged certificate by hands after service.
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What is the Procedure for Online Registration?

I have detailed the step by step guide to NYSC online registration in my post, “How to Register for NYSC Batch A, B, or C Mobilization. Step by Step Guide”. Follow the details there. But briefly here, follow the guide below.

  • Create Registration link
  • Fill your pre-registration form
  • Capture fingerprint and biometrics
  • Fill the main registration form
  • Make payment for the exclusion letter


  1. You will NEED the service of a profession and accredited café to complete this registration. Such a café must have a biometric scanner (fingerprint reader).
  2. Your latter should be loaded and available for printing within the next 48 hours of the payment.

Recommended: 36 States Accredited Cafes/Registration Centres for NYSC, WAEC, NECO, NABTEB

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