Does WAEC, NECO, NABTEB Result Ever Expire? For Admissions and Jobs!

Situations where WAEC, NECO or NABTEB Results Years can Be Invalid

Does the WAEC ever result expire? Does NECO or NABTEB result ever expire or have a certain validity period?

I’ve got this question more times lately.

A variant is, “can I use my WAEC, NECO or NABTEB result after 5 years or 10 years for admission or jobs”?

Obviously, that last question was by people who believe or have heard that SSCE result must have an expiry date or period of validity.

The direct answer to the question is NO it never expires.

I won’t stop there without giving you personal experience and official explanations.

Will WAEC and Other SSCE Results Be Valid for Admission for Many Years?

By SSCE, I mean WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, and NBAIS. These exam results will be accepted for admission for as long as the original owner is alive and presents it for admissions.

But take note of that, “admission purpose”.


I said that because older results may not be accepted or seen as not valid on certain other occasions.

I will explain that shortly.

In order to clarify the confusion many students are having as to whether their SSCE results can be used for more than 5 or 10 years, The registrar of West African Examination Council has once said, “WAEC certificate valid for life”.

WAEC has also answered this question on her Twitter page very recently.

The registrar has said, the basis was that WAEC is an achievement test which implies that you have gone through the educational system for a period of years and you have achieved it. Therefore, you are qualified to move to the next stage, which is a tertiary institution or you can go and work; a job that requires academic achievement for that level.

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Situations Where WAEC, NECO or NABTEB Results Age Can Render It Invalid

There are two common cases where the age of a result can render it outdated. But this is on purpose – not GENERALLY. In other words, the fact that they’re not accepting results – 4 or 7 years old doesn’t mean, you won’t be able to use it for other things. They don’t just want it for that specific purpose.

Below are such cases.

1. Employment/Job Purpose

Recently, some companies and establishments are restricting the age of results by the prospective applicants for positions in their organizations.

This may be done to reduce the number of applicants or because they prefer fresh graduates and school leavers.

For example, Nigerian Air force, Navy and similar agencies had recently limited applicants to holders of SSCE results within specific years till the date of application.

We’ve equally seen some private businesses stating this on their vacancy adverts.

The real reason is that these organizations are aware that prospective applicants do lie about their real ages in order to make their ways. Hence, if they could be limited by the age of their results, they might not succeed with such lies.

2. Scholarships Awards

Some scholarship adverts will state the year or year range of WAEC, NECO, NABTEB or NBAIS results they want. In fact, the scholarships may strictly be for the result of a particular year.


If you’re curious to know if your SSCE result is valid for admission purposes forever, the answer is YES. But some dates may be invalid or unacceptable in other situations, as detailed above.

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