Does JAMB Use Negative Marking for 2020/2021 UTME?

You’re on the right page if you want to know about the negative making system and if JAMB is using this method for her exams. This might come as a result of  the disappointment in the result of your UTME you’d just checked.

Having covered the marking or scoring system being used by JAMB to grade candidates for UTME, I think there is a misconception here to be cleared.

Are you hearing about NEGATIVE MARKING are you want to be sure what it all about? How real is this regards UTME marking?

What is Negative Marking?

First, let’s see what Negative Marking is.

Negative marking is the method of marking reportedly being used by some exam bodies to grade candidates. With this grading system, if a candidate misses one question, he is fined with a mark already scored.

In other words, if you got five questions rightly but missed two, the 2 would be deducted from your 5. Then, you’re left with 3.

Is this used by Negative making used by JAMB?

Is JAMB Using Negative Marking

The answer is simply no.

There has never been any official release regards negative marking in the JAMB grading system.

It’s just a misconception dude!

This misconception has long being formulated by candidates seeking admissions.

But with all the existing statistics, there’s nothing like that.

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