Do I Need JAMB Registration Number for DE Registration?

What are the conditions that will make you need the UTME registration number for DE? Where can you avoid it?
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As soon as you decide to register for Direct Entry (DE), one question comes to mind. Do I need the JAMB registration number to register for Direct entry?

And if you’ve never thought of that, they may be asked about it at the CBT centre you visit to register. Then, you start to wonder if it’s true you must use a JAMB registration number while applying for DE.

Whether you’ve heard this before you picked up the DE form or right at the CBT centre, there are things to know about this dilemma. Read JAMB Reg. No. Not Found on DE Registration Portal: Why?

In complex terms, the answer to your question is YES. And NO, you may not need it.

What are the conditions that will make you need the UTME registration number for DE? Where can you avoid it?

1. Full-Time Candidates of ND, NCE, HND, and BSC

You will need the JAMB registration number as a full-time ND, NCE, HND or BSC candidate. These candidates had gained admission through JAMB in the first place. Hence, they will be required to provide the JAMB registration number they were offered the first admissions with.

It’s shouldn’t be a problem getting it. You can trace it back to your JAMB admission letters, original JAMB result, or the exams slip.

It’s that 10-digit number with 8 numbers and 2 alphabets. 

2. Part-Time ND, NCE, HND, and BSC

You will need the JAMB registration number for DE if you’re a part-time candidate. These candidates gained admissions into their various schools and courses without sitting for UTME or using JAMB results.

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However, they will be required to do JAMB regularisation to covert their admissions to JAMB admissions. It’s through this regularisation that the body will approve a new JAMB registration number (or approve any existing ones) for them.

Another means to get a JAMB registration number as a part-time graduate is what JAMB now calls Part-time, Sandwich, and DLC registration. This was just introduced for candidates admitted into these programmes starting from the 2019 admission year. Candidates are instructed by their institutions to register with JAMB after being offered admissions. They won’t need to write exams. JAMB will only issue registration numbers to them through the applications.

3. JUPEB, IJMB, Diploma Cambridge and NABTEB Advance Candidates

You won’t need JAMB registration number for DE if you’re a JUPEB, IJMB, Cambridge and NABTEB advanced candidate.

These candidates are exempted from writing or registering for JAMB UTME. They’re not also included in the JAMB part-time, DLC and sandwich registration as explained above.

They will only be required to present their diploma application/registration number. During the DE registration, they will take the IJMB/JUPEB/Diploma/OTHERS option. Hence, the system won’t request any JAMB registration number.

4. Registered Nurse/Health Assistant and Technicians

You won’t need the JAMB registration number for DE if you’re a registered nurse/health technician or environmental health officer.

Just like in the case of IJMB and other diplomas above, an applicant with an RN or 2-Year Diploma in Health technology can apply for Direct Entry without JAMB registration numbers.

While filling the form, the CBT centre will choose OTHERS as your qualification. With this, you won’t be asked for any JAMB registration number.


As a matter of fact, the JAMB registration number is required for Direct entry registrations but not in all cases. You will need it if you’re recently a full-time candidate or part-time candidate with regularisation.

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However, holders of IJMB, JUPEB, Registered Nurse, Health Technicians and Technologists, etc won’t need JAMB registration numbers since they will be registered as OTHER/DIPLOMA.

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