Do Cafes/CBT Centres Handle Change of Institutions/Courses?

If you must know, you can, of course, do your change of institutions at a café or CBT centre whichever is more convenient for you.
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This has just crossed my mind and I thought I should clarify a misconception about the JAMB change of institutions and courses exercise.

A man called me three days ago about the exercise. He wanted to know if we did the change of institutions and courses at our office – being a café. He was confused about a post on a popular blog that stated that candidates could only do it at the nearest CBT centre.

I saw the blog post myself.
The writer made it professionally clear that candidates for the recent years could still do the change of institutions and course at cafes to themselves. But, aspirants would need to use CBT centres for the 2020/2021 (or probably after) exercise.

How true is this?

The answer is YES and it may be NO. He was right and wrong at the same time.

I think he was too quick to judge. I will explain it below.

If you must know, you can, of course, do your change of institutions at a café or CBT centre whichever is more convenient for you.

I even guided you on how to handle it yourself here. This can save you some bucks as a café or CBT centre will, of course, charge you for their services.

Why the Blogger Above Made The Verdict of Going to CBT Centres

Remember I said, he was too quick to judge?

The editor could, as well, be rendering registration services for people at a café – just like I. At the early time of the change of institutions/courses exercise this year, JAMB didn’t allow Cafés to start the registration until they seemed to have released a great portion of all the results. As at that time, the CBT centres could still register it.

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It was based on this; he concluded JAMB might not allow Cafes to do changes for applicants this year. But instead of him to give his explanation, he passed an authoritative verdict.

Who knows maybe he also owns a CBT centre that he wants candidates to go?

Did I just say that?

A few Cafes are Unofficially Connected with CBT Centers

A few cafes are now handling changes of institutions and courses together with uploading of O’level results. I must state categorically that this is unofficial though. They’re connecting with certain CBT centres to render this service. 
This doesn’t make it illegal in any way. If you insist on using the services of a CBT centre, you can. However, if there is a cafe you trust and they claim they can help you with the changes, they’re likely to forward things to accredited CBT centres on your behalf get it done for you at a higher price – charging for their own services.
I don’t doubt that this will save you time. You should just be careful with a cafe to trust. Of course, you can log into your JAMB profile any time to see if payment was made for your change of institutions/courses and collect confirmation slips for the changes from such cafes.


If you’ve read/heard that you must compulsorily go to a CBT centre, drop it. Go ahead and visit a café near you for a guide on your changes and do it there. And as said, earlier you can even do that on your mobile phone or personal computer.

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