Differences Between Polytechnics and Monotechnics in Nigeria

How Do Polytechnic and Monotechnic Compare For Admission?
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While seeking admission, it may get confusing to differentiate between Polytechnics and Monotechnics. The differences are usually mixed up. But here I should guide you out of the confusion.

What is Polytechnic?

A polytechnic is a tertiary institution of learning found to training students mainly in the areas of engineering and technology.

By general term, “poly” means “many or more than one”. As a result, these institutions are expected to groom people for the future only in practical and technical applications.

What is Monotechnic?

On the other hand, a Monotechnic is established to give attention, in training, to a certain area of specialization e.g health, art, culture, etc.

“Mono” simply means “one”. Therefore, the focus of a Monotechnic is one.

How Do They Compare For Admission?

Unfortunately, in this part of the world, the gap between polytechnics and Monotechnics is getting so close that it’s difficult to say some schools are “monos” rather than “polys”.

For instance, a college of agriculture may not indicate it’s a Monotechnic in its name. But because its focus is on agricultural training, it’s there a mono e.g Federal College of Agriculture Moor Plantation Ibadan is categorized as a Monotechnic by government and JAMB, yet admission seekers see it as nothing less than a polytechnic.

More confusion is being created because those Monotechnics are now going for more courses than they were originally created for.

Polytechnics as well, are suffering the same fate as more non-engineering are being added to their list of programmes. Right now, Mass Communication, Local Government Studies, Public Administration, Banking and Finance, Accounting, etc are being studied at polytechnics even though they’re generally taken by universities.

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Polytechnics may be forgiven for this – after all their names indicate many in the first place.


To do justice to this and to overlook the gap, a few scholars are using the terms for each other. It may be right to think of Monotechnics, as well, when you hear Polytechnic.

Is your proposed school a monotechnic or Polytechnic? Are you not sure where it belongs? Drop a comment below.

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