How to Check Admission Status on JAMB CAPS Portal [with Pictures]

How to Check Admission Status on JAMB CAPS Portal with illustrative images. This page has been updated!!!

How to Check Admission Status on JAMB CAPS PortalHow to Check Admission Status on JAMB CAPS Portal

Starting from last two year (2017/2018 session), all school’s were instructed by JAMB to upload their admission list on JAMB CAPS portal before uploading it on the school’s website. 

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Some candidates have been worried as they do find it difficult to check their admission status on the JAMB CAPS Portal especially with their smartphones (mobile phones).

Hence, AllSchool Team embarked on a research that will proffer solution to this problem. Yea we found a lasting solution, and we we will be sharing them with you.

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How to Check Admission Status on JAMB CAPS Portal

Important: For mobile users, please ensure to use google chrome browser for the steps below to work perfectly.

  • Step 1: Visit
  • Step 2 (for mobile users only): If you are using a mobile phone, please make sure you’re accessing the portal with a google chrome browser. Also, make sure you switch the browser to a desktop site. To do that, follow the procedure below:

    • At the top right of your google chrome browser screen, you will see a vertical three-dotted line. Click on it.
    • You will see various options.., click on desktop site
    • Allow the page to load successfully and proceed with the next step.
  • Step 3: Enter your log-in details in the appropriate space.

    • Make sure you entered the correct login-in details.
    • If you have forgotten your email, it is the same email address on your jamb registration slip.
    • If you have forgotten your password, click here to retrieve it.
  • Step 4: You will see a welcome notice just move down on the page you will see “Check Admission Status” tab. Click on it.
  • Step 5: You can either just select your exam year, enter your jamb registration number, and click on the check admission status button
    and/or proceed to the next step
  • Step 6: Click on the “Access my CAPS” button. You will be redirected to the caps page.
  • Step 7: Locate the “Admission Status” and click on it. Your admission status will be displayed. You will see one of the following:

    • Case 1: If you see CONGRATULATIONS…, accept/Reject your admission and wait for further instruction.
    • Case 2: If you see admission in progress, then be patient, the status will change in a few days/weeks. Just check back after some time.
    • Case 3: Not Admitted, if in such case, please don’t give up yet! You might still gain admission. Just be hopeful!
  • You can click on “My O’level” to check if your O’level Result is on the jamb caps portal
  • And click the Transfer Approval to know if you have been transferred to another course
upload o'level result on jamb portalupload o'level result on jamb portal
Image showing vertical three-dotted lines
upload waec result on jamb portalupload waec result on jamb portal
Image showing “Desktop Site” for mobile users.

How to Access JAMB Transfer Approval

  • Login to the JAMB portal via the same procedure above.
  • Access your jamb caps portal
  • From the left panel menu click on “Transfer Approval
  • If you have not been transferred to another programme, you will see “No Programme Transfer Consideration
  • If you have been transferred you will see the course and other details.
  • After Pending Candidate’s Action, you will see a button, click on it (we recommend using a desktop computer or switch to desktop site via the procedure above)
  • Click on “Accept
  • You should see “Record(s) successfully saved” in a green text
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Confirm if you have Accepted Admission on JAMB CAPS

If you have accepted your admission, one of the ways to confirm it is by following the procedure below:

  • Go to
  • Select your institution category, your institution and, programme
  • Click the Submit button. Then check your name on the list or enter your registration number in the space provided.
  • Note that the list will only display the names of admitted students for that session.

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Explanation of some JAMB CAPS Admission Terms

  1. NOT ADMITTED” (or) “SORRY YOU HAVE NOT BEEN GIVEN ADMISSION“: This is the first ever thing to appear on your JAMB CAPS which you may have seen already. It just means that you haven’t been considered for Provisional Admission yet. So you need to continue checking regularly okay? Please note that you must not stop checking until admission for 2020/2021 is over.
  2. ADMISSION IN PROGRESS” or “ADMISSION IS BEING PROCESSED: It immediately changes to this when you have been considered for admission already. There is a 98% chance that if you see this, you should consider yourself admitted already because it will definitely change only in few unheard case have the otherwise happened.
    jamb admission in progressjamb admission in progress
  3. CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE BEEN OFFERED PROVISIONAL ADMISSION” : It changes to this just few days or probably hours after it showed “ADMISSION IN PROGRESS”. This means that you have been considered for admission and you need to “ACCEPT/REJECT”.

This is one reason not to get too excited, calm down and accept your admission before celebration. Over excitement can lead you to rejecting the very admission you have been hoping for and that action is nearly irreversible.

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That’s it! Here at Allschool, pray you have been admitted to your dream school.

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