Change of Course Has Not Reflected, Can I Register Post UTME?

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We have seen cases of students who did not change their schools but changed their courses. This set of students expect their changes to reflect on the school portals before they can proceed to register for the Post UTME.

They waited days, yet, the old courses still remained active on the school portals. Then, comes the question, “Can I continue to register for my school post UTME if the new course doesn’t reflect?”

I’ve written similar posts to this in the past. For example “After Changing Institutions, How To Check If It Has Reflected” was used to answer a similar question. “Can I Do Change of Course After Post UTME?” was equally related to this.

Meanwhile, this case is a bit different. Let me put in some clarity – using Kunle case study.

Kunle chose Obafemi Awolowo University during JAMB UTME registration. He chose Medicine and Surgery as the course.

He didn’t do the change of course until the university’s post UTME registration started. He’d learnt that the 230 he had in UTME was too small for Medicine. He, therefore, decided to change to Botany.

He went on the JAMB portal to effect the change of course and waited a few days for his course to change from Medicine to Botany. But for days, the course never changed on the school portal.

The poor guy is now asking if he should continue with the post UTME registration, perhaps the new course will later reflect on his exams schedule or final printout.

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Change of Course is Different From Change of Institution

For those who may still be confused, if you change institutions to some set of schools, you may need to wait for your names and details to reflect on the school portals before you can continue with the registration. If your change has not reflected, in the case of a change of institution, you won’t be able to log in and proceed with your registration.

Though some schools will still allow you to do the change to them and register their post UTMEs without waiting for changes to reflect. I detailed the differences and affected schools in my post, “After Changing Institutions, How To Check If It Has Reflected

But in the case of change of course, you can still be able to log in and proceed with the registration,  irrespective of the schools, but the old course may still be showing up. This is the case of our friend – Kunle in the example above.

Should You Continue With Post UTME registration If Course Doesn’t Change on the Portal?

The answer is simple YES. I did this for a few University of Ibadan candidates in the previous years, and it worked for them.

Don’t panic. You can still register your post UTME on the old course as it appeared on the school portal. Since you’d done the change on the JAMB portal, it may mean two things:

  • JAMB has not sent the new course to the school to update on the portal
  • School has got it from JAMB but they’ve not updated it on the admission portal
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In either case, you can continue with your post JAMB registration, after all, you can log in. Sooner or later, either or both parties will do the right things. Then, the new course will reflect.

After your post UTME, the old course can still be on your slip printed. Don’t worry. In most cases, these schools will instruct you to come back to the portal for reprinting of exams schedule or screening results. By that time, the school must have updated the portal with the new changes and your course must have shown on the paper.

However, if the post UTME closing date is not too near, you can still wait a while for the new course to reflect before resuming post UTME registration. I did this for a few OAU candidates in the past and it worked.

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