CAPS Doesn’t Give New Admission? Use this Guide

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Do you know that JAMB may not offer you admission on CAPS this year if you’d accepted admission to another school last year?

In other words, you accepted an offer on CAPS last year, then you’re in school or you didn’t eventually go to the institution. But checking your CAPS now, the school you accepted is still there. JAMB won’t offer you admission for this year if you fall into this situation.

This problem affects those who are already in school gaining admission through UTME or DE. It also affects those who accepted admissions last year but didn’t go to schools for financial reasons or a mere change of mind.

JAMB Won’t Allow Double Admissions

JAMB has designed CAPS to monitor the activities of schools offering candidates admission. Each institution is required to upload their intended and prospective candidates to CAPS so that JAMB can confirm the compliance with certain modalities.

Among these conditions is to know if such a candidate has recently been offered admission by another institution. In fact, schools won’t be able to upload you to CAPS if your status already has one school active – be it in the ongoing admission year or in the last year.

And this is because, JAMB stands to discourage double admission – thereby depriving other candidates of being admitted.

Will I Be Offered Admission on CAPS with Another Institution AdmissionActive

Coming to this page may mean you’re a victim or you want to avoid being one.

If you’re already affected, you can still be offered admission if you can follow this guide:

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  1. You have to reject the admission offer from the school you had accepted last year.
  2. You can’t do this on the JAMB portal again since you’d earlier accepted it
  3. You will need to visit the school’s admission office and ask for the rejection letter.
  4. The school will then process this and inform JAMB that your admission offer has been rejected. 
  5. JAMB will then open your CAPS up for another institution to fill in space (offer you admission).

If you’ve not been affected and want to avoid this, you will need to follow the guide below too.
  1. During the purchase of the JAMB profile code, don’t use the phone number you used to collect the last profile code. Avoid using the last phone number to get your code this year.
  2. Register another email for this year admission
  3. Register another JAMB profile at the CBT centre.
  4. Then, register your UTME or DE.
  5. With this, you don’t have any known relationship with last year’s profile. More so, this is legal.


Admitted candidates (through JAMB) willing to try another school admission this year should not use the last profile. Those who are victims already can still get out of this mess if they can take action as detailed in the post.
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