Can the School I Changed From Offer me Admission?

The Previous School Will Not Offer You Admission
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Sometimes, admission seekers won’t be calm enough. They want to gain admission as fast as they can. As a result, they won’t give enough time for the institutions they look up to. Even before such schools release their full admission lists, most candidates tend to quickly change from them to another.

This usually happens if the schools had released the first batch list and such candidates are not lucky to be on it. Or candidates are doubting if any of the schools’ lists will favor them eventually. The next thing they take to is the changing of the institution. They change to other schools they hope will be more accommodating.

However, their minds still remain divided. They still ask, can I be offered admission by the previous school after changing to another?

Well, this is the question this post stands to answer. Let’s get into it.

The Previous Schools Will Not Offer You Admission

That answers your question. But you must be skeptical. Aren’t you? You want to know why you don’t stand any chance with the former school?

Here is how changing of institution works.

Immediately you change form one school to the other, JAMB will forward your details to the new school and inform the previous school that you’re no longer with them. Though it may take a few days before the new and old schools get updates of your changes. With this, you may be thinking the previous institution might have given you admissions before the new one.

Well, I’ve seen that. In the 2018/2019 admission year, one of my students was in haste to change to the Nigerian Army University, Biu (NAUB) while waiting for the second batch admission list of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU).

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The poor guy was offered admission by OAU the second day he changed to NAUB. We had to quickly change back to the former. 

Yet, this kind of cases is rare. And mind you, the CAPS status (for OAU) of the guy was already “You’ve been recommended for admission” as at the time he changed to NAUB. If you read my post, “JAMB CAPS Now Opened: 7 Status Messages, Their Meanings and What to Do Next“, I explained what each of the CAPS status messages meant. With this one, it means the school was very close to offering him admission.

I advised him to wait but he was too much in a hurry because of his friends who had moved to NAUB.

Having said that, if you change to another school when your JAMB CAPS status has not shown any convincing hope like our friend above, don’t think it’s possible to earn such grace from the previous school. It’s rear and things can get complicated. See What Happens if CAPS shows “Not Admitted”? Is All Hope Lost?

Changing to Other School Forfeits the Old Institution Admission

In fact, the very reason we immediately changed back to the previous school after the admission offer was because, I knew if we didn’t, the details of his changes would soon get to the new and old schools. Then, the old school will withdraw his admission. Hence, he forfeits the admission.

In other words, as soon as you change to another school, you’d just waved goodbye to the old one. Hence, don’t expect admission from them.

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This situation is similar to what I discussed in my post, “What JAMB and Schools Will Do If You Reject Admission“. In the post, I let you understand how the two bodies treat rejection and acceptance of admission by candidates.


If you’re yet to change to your newly intended school, you can still give the school already chosen some times, especially if the newly proposed school has more time to sell and close her form. If you must change now, don’t expect admission from the former institution – look up to the new choice.

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