Can I Write For UTME, a Subject I Don’t Have in SSCE?

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Anyway, for the introduction, let’s see a challenge that some prospective UTME candidates had been facing. I’d received calls and texts asking if candidates must write their SSCE subjects in UTME. Admission seekers want to know if it is or not compulsory to select their O’level subjects as UTME subject combinations.

There is a need to answer this question comprehensively. Hence, my answer will not just be YES or NO.

In case you’re still confused, let’s break things down.

A candidate (Mr. A) sat for English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Agric, Animal Husbandary, Civil Education and Yoruba in WAEC.

Another candidate (Mr. B) sat for English, Mathematics, CRS, Literature, Account, Government, Civic Education and Yoruba.

The question now is, is it compulsory that, in JAMB, Mr. A must choose four subjects from his O’level. Must Mr. B do the same? Or they can still do one or two other subjects in JAMB that they didn’t write or fail in SSCE?

A similar situation is if the candidate didn’t have credit (i.e he had D7, E8 or F9) in the subject at O’level, can he do the same subject in UTME?

Your Proposed Course Determines Your Subjects Combination in UTME

Candidates should note that it’s your proposed course that determines your subject combination in UTME. It’s not your O’level that determines what to write in JAMB.

Let me explain.

Mr. A is obviously a science student. In his case, whatever course he proposes determines what he must sit for in UTME.

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If wants Nursing, he needs to write English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in UTME. That’s the official requirement for Nursing admission. Luckily, that matches what he sat for in SSCE and grades he had.

If however, he wants to study Urban and Regional Planning, according to the JAMB Brochure, his best combination for UTME is Mathematics, Geography and one of Economics, Physics, Chemistry.

Do you see that?

Even though Mr. A did not write or have Geography in his SSCE subjects neither did he have Economics, he must sit for Geography (and maybe with Economics) in JAMB.

However, a few institutions may accept other subjects other than Geography if he studies the JAMB Brochure very carefully and pays attention to the Special Remark section – where some schools may wave generally compulsory subjects.

But to be on the safer side, that Geography is required.

To conclude on Mr. A’s case, even though he might have not registered or written Geography in SSCE, it’s required of him in UTME. Even if he wrote it and got D7, E8, or F9 in SSCE, he must register that in UTME.

Mr. B is obviously an Art student. Let’s say he decides to study Civil Law and consider Ahmadu Bello University (ABU).

According to the JAMB brochure, ABU in O’level requires Five ‘O’ Level Credit passes which must include English Language, Literature in English, and any other three Arts or Social Science Subjects.

The university, in UTME, requires Use of English, Literature in English, and any other two Arts or Social Science subjects.

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Based on these terms, Mr. B can write English, Literature, and Economics even though he didn’t write Economics at O’level.

And with experience and known admission policies, ABU doesn’t accept Yoruba or Igbo as a UTME subject. This may not be very open – but we know it.

In that case, Mr. B can’t insist that since the university accepts two other art subjects and do Yoruba/Igbo. He will leave to regret it.

JAMB Brochure Matters For UTME Subjects

A few of my posts had emphasized the importance of studying the JAMB brochure before picking subjects for your UTME.

Check the following before you read on.

  1. JAMB/Admission Eligibility Checker: Are Qualified for a School/Course?
  2. Study JAMB Brochure Well To Avoid Wrong Subjects – JAMB
  3. Wrong UTME Subjects Combination? See Solutions

JAMB has also warned lately on this mess. Hence the body has given you how to check the eligibility for admission.

Through that platform, you can submit the five subjects you want to use from the O’level with their grades. Then, submit the subject combination you proposed for UTME.

The system will calculate and tell you if you qualify for that course based on your SSCE subjects/grades and UTME subjects.

Why don’t you try that immediately?

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