Can I Send Another Person to Help With JAMB-Portal Registrations/Activities

JAMB Has Warned Parents and Relatives to Stay Off Help Candidates on This
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A few readers have asked if they could send somebody to do JAMB activities for them in their absence. They mean to send another person to represent them for certain JAMB-portal-related registrations or applications. Is a proxy allowed?

Let’s say, for instance, a candidate is not in or not where internet service is readily available. Or he can’t just find a professional cafe or CBT centre where he is. Then, he calls a friend, parents, or family to help hand things.

Candidates may want to do a change of institution, the printing of original results or JAMB admission letters, etc. Is it possible to send a proxy for these activities if you’re not available IN PERSON?

The answer to this is YES and NO. Then, you need an explanation, of course.

JAMB Has Warned Parents and Relatives to Stay Off Helping Candidates on This

Of recent, JAMB has noticed that some profiles had been tampered with by relatives without the consent of their candidates. As a result, the body issued a warning that parents, friends, and relatives should not help candidates to do anything on their profiles.

Source: The Nation.

In order words, candidates’ physical presence may be needed at a CBT centre or JAMB office before any activities can be handled on their profiles.

Hence, nobody, including parents or guardians or any proxy, should be allowed to transact any business on any candidates’ profiles. No third party should be allowed access to or alter the profile of any candidate at any of the board’s offices or any Computer-Based Test centres.

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It’s Still Possible To Use a Proxy at Your Own Risk

The point made above is very official. JAMB is doing her best to protect you and your data. However, it is still possible to send another person to help you do things on your profiles at your own risk.

If you trust the person you want to send or the person who wants to work on your profile, that he would do exactly what he’s instructed to, you can entrust things.

These activities on the JAMB portal, by proxy, will not be possible if you use a JAMB office or a CBT centre.

This is because JAMB has sent official notices to these offices, instructing them, only to attend to candidates for any doing on their profiles if they come in person.

However, you can still use the services of trusted cyber cafés. They are, in fact, closer to you than JAMB offices and CBT centres in the first place. And except for JAMB registrations and uploading of O’level results, they’re allowed to handle:

  • printing of UTME exams slips,
  • printing of UTME results,
  • change of institutions, 
  • printing of JAMB original result, 
  • printing of JAMB admission letters, 
  • corrections of state of origin and local government, 
  • correction of s** type/gender,
  • checking of admission and acceptance of admission, 
  • checking the status of uploaded O’level results.


There is no doubt that candidates can send their friends and families to handle certain things on their behalf on their JAMB profile, and strictly at their consent and own risk. However, no parents guardians, friends, or relatives will be attended to if you use the services of a CBT centre or JAMB office. Only cyber cafes or friends, with access to their phones or computers, can handle this for you.

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