Can I Obtain Post UTME/DE of a School Not Chosen in JAMB?

You Can Register for Post UTME forms of Schools You Didn't Choose But Not All
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While having a school as the primary focus of your admission, you may be thinking you can still write another school’s post-UTME as a backup. Yes, it is possible, especially if the other schools were equally chosen as the second, third, or fourth choice during the JAMB UTME registration or changing of institutions exercise.

Can you do the same if you didn’t choose the school at all?

Let’s get this clearer with a case study.

Joseph chose his schools as follows:

1st Choice – Federal University of Technolgy Akure
2nd Choice – Federal Polytechnic Ede
3rd Choice – Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo
4th Choice – Petit Institute

I’m sure, very many candidates follow a similar approach to choose schools in UTME. 

To see a dozen of other approaches of selecting institutions, you may not think possible, read my post, “How to Choose Institutions in UTME and DE: A Must Read for All Admission Seekers“.
Back to Mr. Joseph story.

He is about to write FUTA post UTME when he thought he could possibly have chosen Ekiti State University as the second choice or change to the school. Now, He asks. “can I just register for EKSU Post UTME without choosing them in JAMB or change of institution as a backup?”

ReadTrue Nature of Post UTME and Subject Combination

In other words, some candidates want to know if they can register for or write the post UTME of a school they didn’t choose at all? If yes, will such schools offer admission without choosing them?” If offered admission, won’t it require changing to them again? If it requires, won’t it be too late to do the change of institution by then?

This post will duly answer those questions.

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You Can Register for Post UTME forms of Schools You Didn’t Choose But Not All

Yes, you can.  However, not all schools are accepting this. Let’s see where you can and where it may work or otherwise.

Schools It Can Work for

  1. Schools that do not collect candidates’ details from JAMB before they allow candidates to register for their post UTME will allow this.
  2. It will also work for schools that won’t require candidates to come for physical screening or exams.

The category 1 are schools that do not require applicants to register for Post UTME; starting by entering their JAMB registration number. Some schools will not let you register for their post UTMEs unless you log in with your JAMB registration number. In this case, they had already collected the candidate’s data from JAMB and updated their database with those data. Hence, JAMB registration will serve as the login key for such candidates.

If you choose those schools, you won’t even be able to log in and continue with the registration so you can’t register for the post UTME of this set of schools. A few schools, in this category, I can mention here include the University of Ibadan, Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Lagos, University of Benin. For on this see my post, “After Changing Institutions, How To Check If It Has Reflected

The second category will let you do this. You can find a few of this set of schools in my post, “Schools that do not write post UTME“. Another post that can help you spot such schools is, “Universities/Polytechnics that Accept 2nd or 3rd Choice for Admission“.

But there is a unique condition to look for. Once the school allows you to register without using JAMB registration as the key to start the online registration, you can consider their post UTME or screening without choosing them in the UTME/DE or without changing to them, in the first place.

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Yes, some schools, including Osun State University, Osogbo (which allows you to choose OTHER option if you have not chosen them in JAMB or you chose them late), Adekunle Ajasin University, Ondo, Adeyemi College of Education (NCE & Degree), Tai Solarin University of Education, University of Maiduguri, Abubakar University, University of Abubakar, Federal Polytechnic Ilaro, Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomoso and more don’t ask you to start their post UTME registrations logging in with JAMB registration number. And where they do, it’s not necessary that it’s in their database first.

Another condition attached here. Only those schools that will not ask you to come for physical screening or exams will allow this. In other words, those using online screening only such as EKSU, Ado Poly, UNIMAID, UNIOSUN, FEDPOLY ILARO, IBADAN POLY etc will be right for this. See the three methods post UTME/Screening may take.

If a school asks you to come for physical screening or exams, they may want to see your original JAMB result or JAMB change of institution slip as proofs that you chose them in JAMB. In fact, some will itemize all documents you will to take along.

Will A School I Didn’t Choose in JAMB But Obtain her Post UTME Offer Me Admission?

I have answered this question in my post, “Is It Possible To Be Offered/Given Admission By School You Didn’t Choose In JAMB?

As a direct answer to the question above, the answer is YES. But for your own case, we need to know more.

I’ve seen cases where schools that candidates didn’t choose in JAMB or never changed to offered them admissions. In fact, candidates may not even partake or obtain their post UTME/screening forms. I stated such in the post linked above. Yet, this doesn’t happen to all times. 

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In your own case, you may need to follow the following recommendation if you just obtain a school’s post-UTME form without choosing them in JAMB. or changing to it first


Wait for your main focused school to release her cut off marks and see if you have hope. Some candidates will know their fate immediately after the Post UTME. Once, they see their scores, they know where they belong. Once, you know your fate is not promising, kindly and quickly change to the school you considered as a backup. Then, consider them as the first choice.

For example, let’s say my main focused school is UNILORIN and EKSU is my backup (that I didn’t choose in UTME). Immediately after my result at UNILORIN as 40% – I failed. Now, I will rush to change to EKSU to my first choice.

This change must be made before EKSU starts releasing her admission lists or before releasing all lists. This is the only way they can offer me admission too. This is because schools will not offer you admission unless JAMB does. JAMB will not, unless you’re in the database of the school candidates (except in special conditions) – and usually as a first-choice candidate.

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