Can I Get Jobs Without NYSC Certificate?

Can I Work Without NYSC Certificate? Where You Can or Can’t Work Without Serving
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Let’s address the issue of NYSC certificates and working/employment in Nigeria.

This is a concern for graduates who did not serve. They wanted to know if they could be employed even though no discharged certificate. Some, who have lost or misplaced their certificates will find this post helpful too.
Can you be employed or get jobs without the NYSC certificate?

Apart from the category of people above, graduates who are above the serving age; awarded exemption certificates, and those of part-time or distance learning programmes; awarded exclusion letter will want to know their fates without the NYSC certificates. Will they be able to get jobs without it?

What’s NYSC Discharged Certificate?

You won’t be on this page if you don’t know what this award after serving is all about.

But if you still want to be guided further, I had covered the differences between NYSC discharged certificate, Exemption and exclusion letter in the past.

Take a moment to read.

Is it a Must to Have NYSC Certificate Before You Can Be Employed?

No. It’s not compulsory to have served before you can be employed. Except in certain situations, the certificate is not a must. Read on to know where you will and won’t need to be discharged before you can be employed.

Jobs that Do Not Require NYSC

  1. Lower Certificate jobs: This category of vacancies is not meant for graduates with BSC or HND. This class of jobs is only opened to or equally opened to holders of National Diploma (ND), NCE or SSCE. Since these people are not expected to have served; they won’t need discharged certificates to be employed.
  2. Interns or Fresh graduate jobs: These vacancies usually open to college or university undergraduates or fresh graduates. The employer is aware that they’d not completed their studies or just coming out of schools (yet to serve). Here you won’t need the NYSC certificate.
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Jobs that May Waive NYSC

Some companies may not necessarily need you to have served before they can absorb you.

All they want is a graduate who can play the roles he’s employed for. Hence, they still take you up whether you’ve served or otherwise.

Below are a few of such jobs.

  1. Construction companies positions
  2. Manufacturing companies positions
  3. Marketing companies positions
  4. Private secondary schools openings

 Jobs that Compulsory NYSC Certificate

  1. Government jobs opened to graduates e.g Nigerian Army DSSC, Airforce DSSC, Nigerian Customs for graduates, State Tescoms vacancies, etc.
  2. Banking jobs opened to graduates
  3. International jobs opened to graduates
  4. NGO jobs opened to graduates
  5. Private company jobs opened to graduates

The Fate of Exempted and Excluded Graduates

As earlier said, you will be left with an exemption letter if you’re above 30 before your service year. A graduate of a part-time or distance learning programme will be rewarded with an exclusion letter instead.

What will be your fate if you fall to this category of these graduates? Will you be offered jobs by companies or government requesting NYSC discharged certificate?

  1. Bank and Private Companies:  As a matter of fact, a few private companies honor exclusion letters. They will NOT accept exemption letters in most cases. One main and usual condition that may make private companies employ you with an exclusion letter is if you’ve already been working with the company and later furthered your studies on a part-time or distance learning basis.
  2. Government, NGO, and International Companies: To work with a government, most positions (if not all) require HND/BSC holders to possess NYSC discharged certificate. In such cases, they also (except stated otherwise) accept both the exemption and exclusion letters being equivalent to discharged certificates. Hence, any government job will be opened to graduates with any of the three.
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