Can I Do JAMB Change of Institution Before Exams/Result?

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Every admission seekers should, by now, understand that when you make mistakes
in the choices of courses or institutions in UTME/DE, what you have to do
is effect the changes on the JAMB portal.

However, the norm is that candidates usually wait until JAMB releases the results of UTME or after the exams before they start making changes to institutions and courses.

it possible to change before sitting for or writing your exams? Must candidates wait till the results are resealed before they can change?

These questions and a few related others will be answered in this post.

Candidates Are Allowed To Change Institutions/Courses Before the Exams/Results

you’re allowed to change things/data on the JAMB portal days after you
complete your registration. You don’t have to wait till you write JAMB
or see your result.

This question was officially addressed when a candidate asked.

I mistakenly filled in a school that doesn’t match my result can I change the school because I’ve registered since 3 weeks ago?

The answer was straight to the point. 

How to Change Institution/Courses Yourself or at Café

A question that may come to your mind is where and how can you change your choice?
  1. You can do that yourself. This post is a complete guide to changing things all on your phone or computer.
  2. You
    can also use the service of a professional café or CBT centres. They’re both allowed to do the change of institutions and courses. Cafes are just not allowed to handle UTME/DE registrations.

You May Need to Wait Until Your Result is Out

you may be eager to change your choices if you find out you’d done things wrongly. However, experiences had shown that it’s advisable for candidates to wait, write the exams and see their results first.

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  1. One,
    you can do the change of institution even after the results and that
    will not affect your admission as no school will be aware that you’d
    just changed to them.
  2. Two, you will still need to do another change of institution and course of your score is not up to what you will need for the school you’d just changed to. Spending about N3000 each time of the changes should be considered a waste of money. Hence, be patient until
    you know the institution and course your mark will be right for, before you change finally.


Changing of institutions and
courses can be done immediately after your JAMB registration or as soon
as you notice the mistake. You don’t need to wait till you write the
exams or results released.

However, you may just wait in order to save yourself another mistake. The score in the exams may help you to change rightly and avoid wasting money on changes.

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