Can I Be Offered Admission By School I Didn’t Choose In JAMB?

Is It Possible To Be Offered/Given Admission By School You Didn't Choose In JAMB?

Yes, it is possible. Sometimes, a school you didn’t choose during UTME registration or those you never considered for a change of institution will offer you admission. This can be confusing though, you don’t have to worry about it.

You need to understand what can lead to this.

Why Would a school you did not choose Offer you the admissions?

This is the handwork of JAMB. The body sometimes sends the information of candidates who were not offered admissions by their interested institutions to other available schools. These spacious schools then accept to offer you admission instead.

Around what time are you likely going to receive admission offers from these schools?

Usually, schools you didn’t choose don’t offer you admission so early in the admission year. They first consider candidates who chose them. Then proceed to offer others the spaces that were leftover. As a result, you should be expecting such admission when the admission year is nearly over.

How likely are you going to know if offered admission by those schools?

In most cases, these set of schools will send SMS and rarely, email to you informing you of the admission offer. Then, instruct you to report to the school or check their websites to accept the admission. This is the only way they affirm you’re interested.

You can also see such offers in the JAMB CAPS to your surprise. Most offers under CAPS Marketplace fall into this category. If interested, accept it. If not, reject it. 

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