Can Another Person Help Me Register UTME/DE?

JAMB UTME/DE registration Requires Applicants' Presence
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A father recently came to my office with his boy. They came to buy/vend UTME PIN and seek advice on which schools, courses, and subject combinations to go for.

In the end, the father asked, “Can I just go to the CBT center and register him without him being there? The man wanted to know if another person can help the boy to register UTME. 

Does JAMB allow registration for UTME/DE by proxy? Must you be present for UTME/DE registration before you can apply?

This is what this short post will address.

JAMB UTME/DE Registration Requires Applicants’ Presence

You have to go to CBT centres by yourself for UTME/DE registration. You can’t send your friend, brother, sister, or parent to handle the JAMB UTME/DE registration for you.

This doesn’t mean your relatives can’t go to the CBT centre with you. They are just not needed for the registration.

Why Can’t Another Person Register UTME/DE for You?

UTME/DE registration involves not only the filling of an online form, but candidates’ live passport photos must also be taken at the points of the registrations. Also, your fingerprints (biometrics) must be captured at the same venue.

Having said that, do you think another person’s photo and fingers should be taken on your behalf? Even if you want that, it’s illegal and not allowed.

Another Person Can Buy UTME/DE PIN for You

It’s already established that you can’t be helped to register UTME. Your presence is needed. However, it’s possible for your friend, brother, sister, or teacher to help you buy the JAMB UTME/DE form (ePIN) online, through the bank, or any vending centre.

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In this case, all that the person needs from you are:

  1. Your JAMB profile code; which you must have collected after sending YOUR FULL NAMES to 55019 and #50 debited on your line and,
  2. Your working email

With these details, he can, on your behalf, approach any PIN vending centre – NIPOST, café, bank, CBT centre, etc. Only this profile code will be used to sell the PIN to your proxy.

Then, you (the real owner) can now take it to the nearest CBT centre for registration.

What About Change of Institutions and Uploading of Results?

In the case of candidates who won’t be able to go for their change of institutions/courses or uploading of O’level results themselves, you can send others to help you with it. Of course, JAMB has warned that candidates shouldn’t do that. They actually want you to visit CBT centre or JAMB office by yourself for activities such as change of data, uploading of results, upgrading of UTME to DE, etc. 
But experience has shown that you can still do a few of these activities by proxy at a CBT centre once the person (proxy) can have direct access to your phone for change of institution/course TOKEN or have your profile code handy.
As for the warning by the JAMB, they just want to be sure nobody is working on your profile without your content. If JAMB offices won’t allow activities by proxies, a few CBT centres and cafes won’t mind being friendly with your parents, teachers, friends, or relatives.

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