Am I to Pay Acceptance Fee on JAMB or School Portal?

I’d established that admissions will be offered by both the school and the Joint Matriculation and Examination Board (JAMB). By indication, the two will provide spaces for admitted students to accept admissions.

For JAMB, you’re to log into your JAMB profile and navigate your way to the JAMB CAPS section where you can either accept or reject admission if offered eventually.

For the school of choice, you can see your status right at a dedicated section, link, portal, news board of the school’s website through which you can check your admission status.

ReadHow To Check JAMB and School Admission Status

However, very many times, candidates get confused about where to pay the acceptance fees. JAMB gives you admission. School gives you admission. But to whom should the acceptance fee be paid?

Should you pay JAMB, the acceptance fee? In other words, is the acceptance fee payable on the JAMB portal just like the payments for JAMB admission letters and the original JAMB result? Or candidates must strictly pay to the school through a dedicated link or age? 

This post will answer your question as succinctly as possible and clear air about a few confusing matters.

Payment of the Acceptance Fee is Made to Schools Not JAMB

Generally, to make the acceptance fee, admitted candidates are to visit their schools’ admission websites (usually post UTME/screening portals) and make specific payments to the school’s/government’s purses. Hence, you’re paying your acceptance fee to your school, not JAMB.

That’s the summarized answer to your question. However, you may be unclear about a few things which I’m aware of.

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Let’s get these settled.

Acceptance Payment May Not Be Immediately After The Admission

You may start to be wondering why you can’t find a space to make the acceptance fee payment as soon as you’re able to see your admission offer.

This is possible most times. A few schools will offer you admission on the JAMB portal or the school portal but may not open the acceptance fee immediately.

In fact, it usually takes a few days or weeks to see admission offers on the school portal after being admitted by the JAMB CAPS. The same is applicable to the payment of the acceptance fee. You may need to wait a few days after your admssion on the JAMB or school portal before the payment is activated for you.

You have your offer through JAMB earlier than school. That doesn’t mean you should be thinking of paying the acceptance fee to JAMB. You have to wait for the school also to upload the same list to her website. Then, they should enable payment of the acceptance fee almost immediately after the lists are loaded on the school portals.

You Only Owe JAMB a few Payments After Being Admitted

If admitted on the JAMB portal and you’d accepted the offer, you probably need to make two or three payments at most.

  1. Payment for the Change of Institution/Course: If you’re offered a course different from the one you originally applied for, you will need to make payment for the change of course and effect the change at a JAMB office, nearest CBT centre, or connected cafes around you. Change, of course, will be necessary if your school has transferred you to another course/department and you’d accepted that with an offer eventually given.
  2. Payment for JAMB Admission Letters: For the purpose of evidence of being offered admission by the matriculation board, candidates are required to pay for the letters before being able to print a two-page admssion letter.
  3. Payment for Original JAMB result: Because this will be required for fresher documentation and at times for the physical screenings, candidates are required to pay for and print their JAMB original results.
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Apart from the three listed above, you don’t have any payment to make to JAMB after being admitted. Your fees, including the acceptance, tuition, medical,  will only be paid to your school.

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