Already Admitted, Can I Obtain JAMB and Use Last Profile?

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Some candidates admitted in the last admission year are considering obtaining another JAMB UTME or DE form. Some were previously offered courses that were only accepted for leave-home sake. Some were convinced they could change course at 200 level. In fact, a few had learnt that it’s better to accept a course than to waste years at home.

Now, another JAMB form is out and they want to reconsider things. As a result, some questions are bothering them. Among which are:

  1. Can I obtain another JAMB after being previously admitted but never reported to school?
  2. Can I obtain another JAMB after being admitted and now in 100 or 200 level.
  3. If Yes, should I use my previous JAMB profile or open a new one?
  4. Won’t JAMB disqualify my application if they found out I was earlier admitted but still obtain another form?

The questions seem endless.

Most of you had got a series of misconceptions about this. These and many more will be covered and addressed in this post as concisely as possible.

Admitted Students Can Obtain JAMB Again

There is no rule of thumb that once you’re admitted you can’t obtain JAMB form again.

Though there are things you must know upfront which we will get to shortly.

Whether you’re now in 100 or 200 level of a course in a university or you’re in a polytechnic ND 1 or 2, or 100 or 200 level at a college of education, you can still buy JAMB form to pull admission into another course, the same school or a different institution.

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Don’t stop reading yet. There’s more to know!

To Obtain Another JAMB, Use Another Profile

Even though you can obtain another form, JAMB is still regulating admissions to discourage double admissions. Hence, they monitor that through your JAB profile.

Hence, for them not to stop your chance in gaining the new admission, don’t use the old profile while purchasing the new form.

In other words, you must create a new email and get another profile code (using a new phone number) for the new profile.

Let me clear this a bit.

If you use the old profile, your JAMB admission status there was ADMITTED. Remember you’d accepted the admission on the old CAPS. Then, JAMB will know you’re already in school.

Another thing is, with the old profile showing ADMITTED, it becomes impossible for another institution to offer you admission on the same CAPS. Remember, CAPS will not give a candidate two admissions. No candidate will be offered admission into two or more schools in the same year.

The Same Institution May Not Offer you Admission

One hidden secret is that some schools have policies that may NOT ALLOW them to offer the same student on their campuses another admission.

These schools carefully check the records of their admitted students to see that no matching before they release admission lists each year. Where the same candidate is trying to gain admission into the institution the second time, they deprive him.

Therefore, if you must seek admission again, consider another school in your interest. Though this is not general among schools, yet it will place you on the safer side.

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If Old Profile is Used, You Need to Reject Old Offer

Some candidates will be reading this post after they’d used their previous profiles for another JAMB. If this is your case, there is a solution but a bit complex.

Since JAMB will not open your CAPS to a new school if your current status is ADMITTED, you may be forced to reject the last admission before your CAPS will be reopened for another school and another course.

But how?

Remember you had already accepted the last course on CAPS. Hence, the option to reject is now inactive/disabled. Therefore, you can’t reject directly on CAPS again.

In this case, you will have to meet with your present institution admission office and ask for the rejection of the admission letter. You will take this letter to the nearest JAMB office and submit.

JAMB will then process your rejection from their end and reopen your CAPS for the new admission. Consequently, you’ve lost your studentship at your present institution before chasing admission into another school or course.

This affects only candidates that mistakenly used old profiles with already ADMITTED status for the new admission. Take note!

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