“Admission in Progress (AIP)” on JAMB CAPS: What’s Your Fate?

The Meaning of Admission in Progress on CAPS
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Candidates are now checking the JAMB CAPS. Things are changing on their dashboards. With some, status is still “admission in progress (AIP)”. For some, NOT ADMITTED. More of these status messages are well discussed in, “Check JAMB CAPS 2021: Status Messages and Meanings“.

However, we need to talk more about ADMISSION IN PROGRESS here. This is because very many applicants have to wait weeks to see this message staring at them still. They’re waiting for it to change to YOU’VE BEEN OFFERED ADMISSION, but no good news yet.

With JAMB just announced that over 100,000 admission seekers had been offered admission on CAPS and on their way to several campuses, the pain of those whose status remains IN PROGRESS has escalated.

So, what is Admission in progress? What does it mean to have this still on your CAPS? Will it change to “Admission Offered”? Can it change to Not admitted eventually? These are points to be covered in this post.

The Meaning of “Admission in Progress” on CAPS

ADMISSION IN PROGRESS means that you’ve been on the proposed admission list of JAMB and the school. The two parties are checking you and several other candidates to know if you meet up with the admission criteria and requirements. It’s as simple as saying “admission is in process”.

JAMB explains admission in progress

For example, they will both look into the list of applicants on the ADMISSION IN PROGRESS to see if you had the right JAMB score for the school, the required mark in the post UTME/screening, and complete O’level subjects and grades for your proposed course.

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With this status, you can be assured that you would eventually be offered admission. I’ve not seen a case where a student’s status turns to admission in progress without being offered admission eventually. Though it’s possible. The detail on this later.

Will Admission in Progress Change to Admitted and How Soon?

Many candidates are aware that with this status they would be offered admission. Yet, it is not clear how sooner the “admission in progress” will change to “admitted”.

As a matter of fact, it all depends on your school attitude towards admission exercise. In other words, it could just take a day, a few days or weeks before this status changes finally. Some candidates hoping to feature in the merit list may have to wait longer before the good news. Candidates in the subsequent lists may not wait too long since the school has already kick-started releasing lists.

Can Admission in Progress Change to Not Admitted?

The bad news is that Yes, it can.

I’ve heard and read from a few candidates who reported that their admission in progress status on CAPS later changed to NOT ADMITTED after waiting a few weeks.

As said earlier, I had not seen this myself but it happens.

The reason for this may include the fact that the school or JAMB has found out that the applicants had not probably upload his or her O’level results on the JAMB portal or the subjects’ combination in JAMB was wrong and a series of other anomalies that crop in the admission processes. In fact, a few students never know they’re not qualified for the course they’re proposing.

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Unfortunately, nobody will tell you what has gone wrong. You will only see that the status has changed to NOT ADMITTED.


If your JAMB CAPS reads “admission in progress”, you’re more on your way to the campus. Only in a very rare situation can the status change to NOT ADMITTED later.

There’s no specific period to see this status. You can see it for a few days or weeks before you’re offered admission eventually.

Best of luck!

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