2019 Nigerian Customs Recruitment Adverts: Is this True or a Scam?

You have seen the latest Nigerian Customs Service recruitment/job adverts and you didn’t know if it was a real publication or a scam for that matter. This post will address this.

Look at the adverts for four advertised positions in the Nigerian Customs below. The publication read as follows:


This is to notify the entire public that there is an ongoing replacement in Nigerian Customs service
And the available positions are,

  1. Assistant superintendent of customs ii (ASCII) Consol 07 
  2. Assistant Inspector of Customs — Consol 06 
  3. Customs Assistant II — Consol 04 
  4. Customs Assistant Ill — Consol 03

Entry Qualifications:

1)Bachelor’s Degree
2) Higher National Diploma (FIND)
3) National Diploma (ND)
4) National Certificate of Education (NCE)
5) Senior Secondary Certificate
6) General Certificate of Education (GCE)


  • The Application form is free. 
  • Kindly submit your CV to our official Email: [email protected]
  • Non-indigen are not allowed to apply.

Is the Above Adverts True or Scam?

It’s a scam.

I have addressed this recently in my post, “Nigerian Customs Recruitment Form: Application Website/Portal, Updates and Applicants List Page“.

In that post, I was blunt to let you know that Nigerian Customs Service is not recruiting for now. If that happens sooner, you will be notified on this blog. That’s why suggest you subscribe to my blog for regular authentic updates.

Why is it Fake?

Nigerian Customs will not recruit through email message – thereby asking interested applicants to send their CV to a particular email. I intentionally removed the email in the advert above because I don’t want you to be tempted.

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And if the Service will use email, it won’t be public FREE email like gmail, yahoo or mail, outlook etc. Note that the email above is a free email (@mail.com).

And because the ads says it’s a FREE form doesn’t mean that they won’t ask you to pay something along way. They are just baiting you to start with.

See the Fake Nigerian Customs Recruitment Notice Being Circulated on Social Media

How to Know when the Form is Really Out

  1. When
    the time for Nigerian Customs recruitment comes, the Service will open a
    dedicated website for the applicants or their official website
  2. The Service will advertise these openings in the national dallies in Nigeria
  3. Prospective applicants
    can also subscribe to this blog for immediate update to be sent to
    their emails when it starts. I will never ask you to pay anything. All I
    do here is to inform you of latest things out there and educate.
  4. You can also follow the Service on their official Twitter handle.

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